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    Can you please recommend me a wired or wireless Speedometer form my MB ?. 5 or 7 functions will be great.
    I bought one, but goes crazy due to interference.

    Thanks a lot !
    p.d. Sorry if this thread doesn't go here !.
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    Esteban - when you supply a link with a searchid, this only works for a short time, as the search id expires. (something to do with cache memory clearing in the server.) As I understand it, the searchid only guaranteed to be valid for as long as you are in the current search results page. Once you exit the search results, the searchid's lifetime depends upon how many other searches are performed.

    Instead, use keyword search link, and supply the keyword(s) (speedometer in this case) to use in the keyword(s) field. Not only is this guaranteed to work, it gets the new members used to using our search facilities... :)
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    Thanks for the info !
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    I started with a 'Sunding' $8 speedo from eBay and had the same problem.
    I spent a little more and bought a 'Cateye' (wired) speedo - works great.

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    Thanks Steve ! I will buy a OJOdeGATO !! :grin5:
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    digital schwinn 5 function speedo, wired, battery operated. reads in mph or kmh. good for 20" - 26" wheels, has a clock, an odometer, trip meter, and timer.
    sells for $9.99 at wal mart...works without interference on m.b.'s
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    I 've had two of those schwinn speedos. First one lasted for about 60 miles and the second for around 300. They seem to just conk out, outa no where. Still not bad for the price tag. You could probably even return it if you keep the packaging walmarts pretty good about that.
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    Has any one had luck with a old school analog style. The digital ones just don't look right for me. I've seen a few posts about one that didn't hold up but I haven't seen post recommending any.Can any deal with MB speed or only pedal power?
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    Yes. Check out Whizzer Speedo's. They have two types - a black plastic one that's cheaper, and a chrome metal one. Be sure to go with the chrome unit... It's expensive, but, it doesn't carp out like the plastic ones. It's also lighted - feed it 12 volts, and you can read it at night... (You could also replace the peanut bulb with a white LED, and you could use lower voltages.)

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    The mechanical speedos and hub attachments can be cheaply obtained off old treadmill excercise machines. Only hassle is the long cable length on some, but most can be run off the rear hub.