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    Hoping maybe someone has an idea to maybe point me in the right direction

    I purchased a pair of electric bikes to use as primary transportation for the missus and I and am looking for a bit of advice as to a rear rack system to install

    The bikes are folders from prodeco technologies and here is a link to a picture of the one we purchased


    I have fenders from planet bike installed and they work really well but i would like to install a rear rack with collapsible baskets for trips to the market ect where the trailer i bought be to much. Also the baskets would always be there in case of a surprise purchase on the way home from work ect ect.

    I have purchased removable front baskets for the bikes but they are limited and I want to fill the gap between the small load they can haul and the big load of the trailer.

    With the battery case in the way and it being a bit to wide to go with a rack above it I will need to mount it below the battery and there isnt much clearance as you can see from the picture of the bike.

    I be obliged for any suggestions on which rack might just work in my case or is someone has run into the same problem. Really dont want to buy a couple several racks till i get one that will fit the bill.

    thanks in advance for any help

    laz and mouse
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    Sorry, your link didn't work and I was unable to see your bike. But from what you've described, it sounds as though you have very little room to work with. If the bike manufacturer doesn't have something to offer you, then I doubt if anyone does.

    One thing you might consider; is there anything like a cargo platform on the top of your battery mounts? If so, you can attach another platform that is wider (for load stability) and carry cargo in a duffel bag, lashed down.

    You could surely do the same thing in front. I think there's front racks available. But I didn't bother; I just used a $20.00 rear rack mounted backwards. A couple of U-bolts around the fork crown gives a mount.

    With the two cargo racks I can carry quite a load. And the duffels fold up very small when empty. They can be had cheap, you can choose your color and they're easily replaceable when they're getting old and ratty looking.
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    thanks for the advice

    the manufacture is in the process of designing a line of accessories for the bikes but it isnt do out till this fall

    for now all they can offer is the topeak mtx seat post system which really doesnt work well--to narrow so you could only use a top bag on it--and cant be used at all on the missus bike--she is to short so no room on the seat post

    my reasoning behind collapsing basket is for folding purposes which is also why just going with a wider rack just wouldnt work

    sorry about the link --bit of a computer moron here but the url should work if you copy and paste it
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    Okay, I'll try copying and pasting and see if any ideas come of it.
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    I can't see you bike at all
  6. I have built an e-bike using a kit from e-bikekits.com and a 36V, 20Ah LiFeP04 battery from Ping batteries on an inexpensive Schwinn bike. The battery is mounted to a common, standard aluminum rear rack from my bike store. I mounted a pair of folding, chrome plated steel baskets to each side of the rack under the battery. They fold flat inward when not in use and open quite wide when folded open. They are reasonably strong and I can carry one full grocery bag, split between them, comfortably. I can't remember the brand, but your local bike shop should be able to help you find some.

    The battery box does overhang the inside edges of the baskets by about 1/2 inch, but I don't find that to be any sort of a problem as long as you use a little care when lifting stuff out so as not to scrape off skin against the overhang. I believe they come in chrome plate or black.
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    thanks for the advice

    my problem with it is the clearance under the battery box--not much room and if i am measuring correctly even the ar****e from dahon will be a little to high--i am tempted to order one and give it a whirl anyhow--was hoping someone new of one built for a 20inch wheel that was height adjustable so maybe i could make it fit--seems every universal i find is really built for bigger wheels and just wont drop down far enough

    your baskets sound just like the ones i found that i would like to mount--seems like you have a nice set up--with that battery you should have some good range with the bike also
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    This isn't a rear rack, but it might change your mind on how to haul stuff. I actually copied the 5 rail model. I have carried my sons Hockey bag, huge boxes of groceries, a cart for a golf bag, all kinds of things. I keep plenty of bungies and straps with me all the time. Next to my Stanton motor the rack is the best thing I ever put on my bike. The company is called CETMA.
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    You know, I made one of those CETMA racks a few years ago. I didn't know that I'd been copied. :)

    I took a cheap, mesh type front basket and cut off the front and sides. I thought of it as a "cargo shelf". You could load a lot of stuff on that thing.

    The only reason I gave it up was that the edges of the mesh would catch on any fabric that I was putting on the shelf. Duffel bags, stuff like that.

    I think I have a photo here somewhere........

    It really did work very well. These days I'm using something that's only somewhat modified. Easier deck, but no backstop.

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    that rack from cetma looks to be a well made product--wouldnt work in my case as my bike needs to fold but i do thank you for the idea

    the front wheel for carrying stuff makes sense in that it normally doesnt carry near the load the back does that is why i mounted a detachable basket on mine--it gets used for most of my trips