looking for an electric bike kit that can run for 1 hour/10 mins at 45 kph,for school

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    hi, i'm looking for an electric bike kit for a school and uni race. I need to build a 3 wheeled frame. i need either a mid frame kit or a hub motor kit, its either a one front and two back wheels or 2 front and one back. wheel. power can only go to the one wheel only. I need a kit that can run for a 1 hour and 10 minute race and has to at least do 40 kph, ( 40kph when on the heavy 3 wheeled steel bike) the school previously uses 700 watt geared hub motor kits. that sit on 40 kph and for batteries they use lead acid at 36 or 48 volts. i looked at cyclone.tw and bms battery kits . please let me know if i should use a hub motor or chain drive motor and where to get it from i also need to buy batteries (obviously to make it run for 1 hour, 10 mins) and total cost can be not a cent more that $1,200 aus. but pref $800 max is I'm 15 and have to pay, please help out, thanks :)

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    please guys help me :)
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    I don't thank these is a kit out that will go 12-16 Kilometers.
    even with a lithium ion batteries you might be able to get it to 20-25 Kilometers. but not at 40 kph
    Most kit 40 kph would be the max speed and will drain the batteries quick ,with that kind of time and speed you really need to go with 4 stroke gas kit.
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    thanks, But those 1000 watt kits are meant to do 50 to 60 kph, thats what websites say and customers say. my school says they get a 600 watt brushed motor at 24 v at 12 amps to run for 1 hour at 30 kph?
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    i got a limit of 36v at 12ah and batts have to b under 4.8 kg for lithium phosphate.
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    Hi Joshua97,
    The use of hub motors is the easiest option but they will suck way too many amps to do what you require. Mid-mount motor with chain drive to the rear wheel would be a better option. If you can use gears it would be an even better option. Hobby King do a couple of possible candidates under the brand name of Rotomax.

    Cheers BJ
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    Unless you plan to pedal along, you are looking at a very expensive e-bike. E-bikes capable of a 20 mile range normally have small (300-400w), internally geared front hub motor that will pull you at 15mph with no pedalling, use LiPo batteries and cost about $850 us dollars. From there, the cost of more speed with the same 20 mile range rises dramatically.
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    So my question is kinda along the same topic, I'm currently checking out a Thruster 700c fixed gear bike. If I purchased a front hub kit or even a rear hub kit (1000-1500w), "without" pedaling could I reach 40-80kph?

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    40 kph no problem
    80 kph don't thank so or not with out some modification and some cash.