Looking for and wondering how to obtain sponsorship for worlds fastest motorized bike

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  1. Travis

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    I realize that many people ride for luxury and enjoyment but i would like to start a new breed of motocycling I have been building and designing motorized bicycles for people as gifts for a couple years now but i have so many ideas that i feel would help move motobiking to the next level.

    To get to my point here i want to attempt at a guiness record for the fastest motorized bicycle as it sits i have a design that i believe would allow an estimated speed of 85m.p.h. i personally have made for myself a bike that will exceed 55m.p.h. how i know this is the speedometer maxes at 55 while still accelerating(though severely warps rims after about 10 mins.

    in short i would like to bring rise to the hype of motorized biking i believe we may even be able to start a racing circuit. I would like you to ask yourself when riding your bike have you ever thought man id like to race this thing.

    But in short this endeavor will take quite a bit of money to achieve as i will need to either buy or design my own bike with framework able to withstand high speed i will need to fabricate and machine custom rims and of course motor mountings and upgrades im 100 percent sure i can build a bike that will exceed 80 miles per hour and feel i may even be able to substantially exceed 100m.p.h. if anyone knows anyway that i can achieve my goal please help.

    Also note that all sponsors will be given the credit they deserve. i also plan to open my own repair and sales shop here in lima ohio in the next few years.

  2. RedBaronX

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    Well, I have no idea how one goes about getting sponsorship above and beyond-- start asking... look over to the left on the forums screen and you will see a list of merchants who sponsor the forum, and there are lots more than just those merchants out in the world helping us crazies strap "specialized" lawn mower engines to Huffys and Schwins...

    But my question to you and everyone else who might read this thread is: what EXACTLY would define a "motorized bicycle"? When you are talking an off the rack bicycle plus a HT motor, then that is pretty obviously a "motorized bicycle". But when you start talking a nearly completely customized build (frame from scratch, an engine that might not be purpose-built for bikes) there has to be more to it defining it as a "bicycle" than it having pedals.

    Keep in mind, the earliest motorcycles were really just motorized bicycles themselves, but they are still referred to as "motorcycles". In the eyes of the Guinness Book of World Records, what is going to keep your custom MB in the "motorized bicycle" camp and out of the "motorcycle" camp?

    I'm asking because it's going to matter if you are trying for a world record...
  3. Travis

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    basically all a custom bike will be is a larger reinforced bicycle basically i will build a custom mountain bike with a higher grade framework just like a huffy without the logo lol

    let me put it this way is a66cc on a mountain bike a motorcycle i dont think its is i dont know how thats categorized but im going to take a 66/80cc engine and custom modify it it will not chance the size of the head rather its ability to torque
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  4. Travis

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    prime example i have one that will to over 55mph though warps the wheels it is a trike bike with a custom one piece rear axel with dual mounted 66cc 2 stroke engines with dual nos and dual boost bottles for both engines although as i have said after about 10 mins it warps my rear rims due to torque to custom make the rims would be pretty expensive
  5. pedalless

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    Warping wheels due to torque form ht motor! It not torque i can tell you, its just the high speed they are rotating at. You also dont need custom turned wheels, go and buy moped rims and tires like alot of the fast electric bikes used higher end downhil rim and hub and wheel also good for this speed not sustained long, i dont think you will get the h.p needed to get the speed you want from HT motor anyway, faster you go the more power you need to counter wind resistance Also, if you want to be fastets motorised bicyles you will need faster than 55mph electric bike on Endless Sphere doing faster than 55mph

    You may find good information on what need frame wise $$$ to be safe at this speed here http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=18473

    here video 106km/hr (65mph) run done not lnge after bike built, he will go faster with more improvements has the powerm, you wont get the power these hub motor are capable of from 66c motor either, he has 20hp easy and has even pulled yellow school bus with his daily rider 200km range electric bike, this man also has unofficial world record for 19second 1/4 mile on electric bicycle, if you want to be record holder you need electric not 66cc gas motor.


    above is 106km/hr pass done

    good luck betting this with HT motor hahahaha
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  6. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Find Augie's record run info. Videos, etc. I will refrain from comment on the details of those kind of speeds on a bike, other that what you already know - very unsafe.

    I assume this will be at Bonneville?

    As an aside, we have a lot of people ask us for sponsor freebies. One word: It's a two way street. Not once have any of the requesters actually come through. Not being rude or anything, but in the future we expect a couple page detailed write up FIRST. Then actual details of how you will promote our company and then actual third party verification that you followed through with the commitment.
  7. Sgt. Howard

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    Yes, if you are going for an official record you REALLY need to have the authorative record holders define what is a 'motorized bicycle' - I suspect there will be weight limitations as well as engine displacement caps. I think to qualify as a MB, you should PEDAL the silly thing a certain distace in a certain time frame to prove the point.
    Your rims warped at speed...?... I am suprised your tires did not disintegrate from centripital force... the human body does not make an elegant projectile at that speed. I work in sugery. My training was courtesy of your tax dollar. I have seen 55mph impacts where body and vehicle parted company. You use a shovel and a large bucket to clean everything up. We're talking closed casket. At least it (usually) is quick...
    the Old Sgt.
  8. Travis

    Travis New Member

    i am actually willing to sign a contract
  9. Sgt. Howard

    Sgt. Howard Member

    Speed record

    First things first- contact Guinness- I assume that's who's record you seek to break- find out what is the standing record and what is their criteria for "What is a motorized Bicycle". Find out where you are going to have to actually DO the speed run... my guess is the Great Salt Flats of Utah- THEN and only then do you have any clue as to how much $$$ you might need to do the deed. NOBODY is going to sign a blank cheque, especially if your funeral might be part of the tab. Expect to do a LOT of R&D on wheels, tires, motors, chains, headbuckets, skid skins and anything else involved.
    You want sponsership? Start doing your homework. Once you can talk to those who have $$$ and want to advertise in this manner about EXACTLY what you are going to do and EXACTLY what you are up against, NOW you have a chance of getting the green stuff rolling your way.
    FYI- once you have your ...stuff... together and can give a PROFESSIONAL presentation, I would suggest full-blown professionally done brochure sent to FAT TIRE ALE... make sure you paint the bike red...
    the Old Sgt.
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  10. philski

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    Marco Pantani, Tour de France, hit 78 mph without a motor! so its not unrealistic at all.
    In short, get a race bike, there already built to go that fast.
    the international standard is 50cc

    im aiming for the same sort of speed on mine, 11-27 @12500rpm =140Kph + so you may need to go a bit faster
  11. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    even if you can prove that you will be able to break (or make) a record, you still have to prove to potential sponsors why YOU and your goal are good for them. Sponsorship is advertising, plain and simple
  12. fm2200

    fm2200 Member

    I use to race motorcycles, there are no bicycles that have the capability of handling any speeds above 50 mph. This guy that hit 78 mph was probably on a glass like surface that resembled a super highway. I'm not against any guy that is risking his life on a bicycle going at excessive speeds. All I'm saying that motorcycles are more suited for speed than these frail, lightweight bicycles. You should not equate your typical guy with only average skills to a guy who is most likely a real professional cyclist going 78 mph.
  13. Travis

    Travis New Member

    im aiming to surpass 120m.p.h. hoping for close to 200 and with or without sponsorship i will do it as i am opening a shop in ohio to have the world record as a shop sign will boost business i also plan on opening a few mb drag strips and ovals near the shop i want to open up a whole new genre of motorized bikes
  14. Travis

    Travis New Member

    and while yes the guy claims 106kmh and his speedometer shows that it appears as though hes only going 40m.p.h.
  15. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    well... sorta...

    they are built to go that fast with no more weight than a very fit cyclist and without the vibrations of a motor. The vibrations from the motor alone put a great deal of stress on the frame above and beyond the speed traveled.

    Without being either a scientist or a bicycle tech, I have a feeling that to build a bike sturdy enough to stand up to the speeds Travis is aiming for, the thing will practically be a lightweight motorcycle.
  16. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    you're judging his speed based on a couple seconds of a YouTube video...
  17. augidog

    augidog New Member

    "world's fastest anything" implies organization and agreed-upon standards.

    the world's fastest indian isn't a title or record...it's just that the world's fastest motorcycle under 1000cc happens to be an indian.

    there are a lot of different configurations available to MB'ers, so "official" definition is difficult.

    without standards, it boils down to "who can strap to largest engine to a bicycle frame?"

    imo, it sounds like you want to run a motorcycle-with-pedals...an unsafe one, besides. the usfra says if an MB ever exceeds 60mph they'll want to see speed-rated tires...which i think don't exist.

    if you (sincerely) want to promote the motorsport, define the motorsport and compete within the parameters. otherwise the title you seek is an empty one.

    to compete in landspeed, and declare yourself the "world's fastest" you'll also have to declare "compared to what?"

    i happen to hold a "record" for an under-35cc motorized bicycle...32.4mph isn't impressive, but i was more concerned with breaking ground for MB's...which i did... www.saltflats.com loved the idea of a bicycle chassis for small-engine (and electric i bet) competition.

    the door is open, the possibilities as yet unrealized...usfra is structured such that a growing MB contingent could eventually lead to a new & separate vehicle-class: Motorized Bicycle...that would rock my world...anyways...

    it was almost 2 years from the moment i said i wanted to race until i actually heard those magical words "augie, the course is yours." it wasn't easy but it was worth it.

    you have a long way to go from wanting to doing...and as Pablo says, you're gonna have to prove yourself informed, organized, and capable...trust me, sponsorship is no free-ride.

    that's all i feel like typing on this dinky mobile keyboard...hope it sheds some light on the issue :cool:
  18. augidog

    augidog New Member

    with all that said, the best part is that doing it isn't difficult, you're building a motored bike.

    in relative terms, the whole MBproject is very inexpensive. a moderately-heeled effort could hit 40mph with a <35cc single-speed first time out.

    the difference was me having the time. luckiest part by far, imo, is that mitch had the time, too. and many people pitched in, a low-budget group effort, one that led to an official timeslip. score! i'm proud, yeah, but before mb's i never really had much going, it's complicated. any small sense of small accomplishment beats none at all.

    how to totally blow my doors off on the salt.
    1- don't be me. i'm 6'5" 200. i need a big bike and a lot of leather. use a light rider.
    2-don't use sabrina. heavy bike. intentionally built tough, but nothing about her says efficiency or speed. build a light bicycle with *wheels tires brakes* appropriate to the occasion.
    3-arrive with anything better than a stock tanaka 33.

    how easy is that? anyone, who has the time and desire, would be astounded by the amount of help this MBcommunity is always-eager to extend for a good MBcause :cool:
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  19. philski

    philski New Member

    worlds fastest pedal powered bicycle = 268.831KPH

    as an example of "new" bicycle tech, google "giant trinity sl 2010". It has enough strength / more than any alloy or steel / cro-mo frame and inbuilt flexability to handle the vibration of a motor easily. And is also the most aerodynamic TT- race bike ever built. The frame strength of a carbon fiber / carbon /kevlar composit as im sure everyone knows is pretty darn high and a lot stronger than alloy or steel. And, interestingly this years nobel prize went to a guy studying graphene. its atom thick graphite sheets. Its 200x stronger than steel. like carbon fiber, but has conductivity out of this world. That may or may not be in the new giant range in 2030? what i do know is "any" motorized bicycle with the right gearing/rpm/weight/aerodynamics/rim diameter/friction reduction/ is capable of doing 100mph

    i personally do 90 kph+ on my race bike without a motor and will be adding a ceramic bearing / ported, polished, stroked, race tuned, blah, blah, etc motor to it this week. Only time will tell. it may well blow to bits. or it may be one of the fastest motorized bike on the planet? But personally im not going to let anyone that goes slower "with a motor" tell me i cant or it isnt possible. so go get some sponsorship. Find out exacly what size motor, and over what distance. Then gear the lightest bike you can afford with the strongest motor you can build and go get it.
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  20. augidog

    augidog New Member

    a 50cc multi-spd streamliner-class MC already holds a 84mph+ record. corrections welcome. anyone care to define where the line is drawn? what is an MB? is "having pedals" enough on it's own merit? much to ponder if one wants sanctioned titles.
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