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    I have a 4-liter Happy Time peanut tank mounted on a rack behind me. It has served me well for years, having been mounted on the top tube and the rear rack. It has a locking gas cap with hinged lid which vents the fuel system. The only problem is that the fuel sloshes and finds its way out the keyhole. Sometimes at the end of the ride, the lid is up, but that's not a big issue. I ride strictly on paved roads.

    Does anyone have a simple inexpensive solution to prevent gas sloshing up towards the cap?

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    From driving milk-tankers I know what you need, tank baffle/baffles.My approach would be to find some HDPE#2 plastic (coolant jug, or the like) then cut out a rough rounded piece, trying to mimic the side-cut of your tank.Cut some holes/notches in it (so the petrol can flow but not splash), roll it up and push it into the tank, with some long needle nose unroll it semi in place.Then I would take a piece of PVC 1/2" and cut a long slice (jigsaw or the like) just thin enough to slide over the plastic strip, the pipe would need to be short enough to wedge inside as you pushed toward the side of the teardrop you want the slosh to stop.
    This is just an idea (disclaimer) as it sounds like it ain't gonna be easy.Good luck.
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    Good ideas guys. How about something cheap/free and easy, like a vienna sausage can? Or a stainless steel kitchen sink strainer/drain basket catcher? Maybe with a screen/strainer to filter the gas you pour in? I usually fill the 4-liter tank 3/4 full. I've heard the term "whiffle ball" used, as well as foam.
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  6. Any info on how to outfit a tank with some fuel cell foam? Hopefully a simple way. Seems like it could add some safety on larger tanks. I run a 6 liter on my rig.
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    Cut and stuff is how I would imagine it's done.
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    omg...its 1 quart. change the cap
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    Ummm, 4-liters = more than 1 gallon.

    6 liters = more than 1.5 gallons.
  10. I think musicalpulltoys is just trolling.
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    Actually, Will, he does have some merit.

    I had problems w/fuel sloshing out of the caps on my Mits TLE43 engine tanks.
    I plugged the caps' vent holes with self-tapping screws, then plumbed in an auxiliary China Girl tank with a locking cap.
    The keyhole became the vent.

    Update: I slit the bottom of an old gymn bag and slipped it over my fuel tank.
    So now I'll simply cover the cap with a hand towel, which will absorb the slosh.
    If it's too much slosh, I'll reconsider the foam.
    The bag is excellent camouflage. Now I look more like an old man with a gymn bag on a bike.
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    Fuel cell Foam !!
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    Okay, I ordered a 14" x 6" x 4" piece of fuel cell foam for $6 shipped.
    Should be enough for at least two 4-liter tanks.