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    Hello - I am a complete newbie to this, but am interested in knowing if anyone has ever heard of a "SpringCycle?" It was made in Los Angeles in the late 30's and early 40's. I have been told that there only about 3 complete machines around and I have just purchased one of them. I would like to find any information on them including current owners and parts. Tnx. Wes

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    Thanks, Dave...and the one that MikeyBike was advertising is the one that I just purchased. I owned one in the 1950's and have been looking for one since. Now it is the hunt for more information and/or parts bikes.
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    Blast from the past

    Want to thank you for the links as they took me back to the mid-fifties. When I was a knee high I saw a smallcar drive by and was amazed by it. This was in Saginaw Michigan and it really started me on the path of building motorized vehicles. Thanks again!:tt1:
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    Looking for Springcycle owners

    I anyone out there knows of a Springcycle, contact me. Also, info on a 1939 Lauson TLC261 engine, which is what is powering my bike.