Looking for best 400 mile ride solution

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  1. okorokor

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    I am a new member, and am looking for the bicycle-engine approach, which will do best for a 400 mile ride.
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    Planning a 400 mile ride --- that's VERY COOL !! Should be interesting to see what this thread stirs up !!! I am not even up to the 400 mile marker yet - on my Robin Subaru 33cc friction drive -- but -- would feel VERY SAFE -- taking off today for a LONG RIDE... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  3. What NOT to get is the 2 stroke Happy Time simply because it has needs.But I've taken mine far away from home often carrying extra parts like a spare coil and magneto and my tools.
    The consensus here is to go rack mount whether it's belt,chain or friction. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages.
    Look at the traveling forum. Some of us have gone FAR away.
    I'm talking FAR,man.
    There's one thread there where a couple of guys ventured off to a cross country run with 2 stroke happy times and they never posted again.
    They never posted again. :shock:
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    :lol: :eek:
  5. okorokor

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    Thanks very much for your inputs

    Thanks very much for your inputs! I am working towards a purchase, but will take my time, to evaluate the various solutions. It does sound like a rack mount might be best.
  6. wavygravy

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    golden eagle rack mount is a good choice for long distance travel! welcome dude!
  7. loquin

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    Welcome aboard.

    The the Staton chain drive is also a good choice.

    If you want to ensure that you stay legal, run 48cc or less. (unless you plan to ride in Oregon - there, it's 35cc, I believe...)

    4-stroke's don't require you to pre-mix the oil. Either the honda or robbins/suburu 33-35cc engines are good choices.
  8. brendonv

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    just get a huge tank and u will be able to ride for ages.
  9. okorokor

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    thanks for all your inputs

    Thanks for all your inputs! This post is providing me with a wealth of knowledge. Best, Okorokor