Looking for clutch spring pin

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  1. TheColbyJack

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    Not exactly sure what the technical name for it is, but I need the spring pin/button to my clutch.

    I ran out of gas the other day 5 miles from my home and had a helluva time riding while having to hold down the lever.

    I have no idea what type of engine kit I have, or what vendor it was bought from. I bought it pre-built awhile ago. I contacted the guy three times about the pin, but he wasn't ever any help. When I bought it, he claimed it "fell out" and he'd do his best to replace it. I got the bike for $300 though, so I can't complain too much.

    Thanks! :D
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  2. Hawaii_Ed

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    Oh, the locking clutch lever. Many vendors sell those, pretty cheap. I don't think I have an extra at the moment.
  3. TheColbyJack

    TheColbyJack New Member

    I have the locking clutch lever - I just don't have the pin that locks it (or the tools at my disposal to make one.) :(

    If I gotta buy a new clutch lever, then so be it.. but I'm hoping to find the pin to save me a few bucks. :p

    PS: Forgot to mention - Thanks for the help Hawaii Ed!
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