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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jroyse, Nov 8, 2010.

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    Looking any place in the Detroit area that sells engine kits. Any recommendations? Haven't done this before so I'm up for anything. I have a Whizzer. Now my neighbor wants to build a motorbike. I'll get him started.

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    your best bet is to buy on -line. I don't think there are very many vendors who sell engine kits with actual shops in the U.S. (I could be wrong tho).
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    Online is the way to go. Plus you can chose a brand. They vary in price and shipping cost varies with the vendor. I have ran three different engines Raw (strong but vibration issues) Flying Horse (strong & smooth) I'm running a Grube now (not as strong but smooth). All were 66cc. Look at vendors to the left of this page, pic what you want, add to cart to get shipping cost(s).
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    thanks to all for the tips. I'm gittin after it as we speak.
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    Let us know how every thing goes (like what you got, where you got it and how the build goes!) This is THE place to ask questions and get advise!
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