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    I am torn between these two kits.
    I have searched this forum and the "other one" and could not find answers to my questions.
    I am looking for experience from owners of the GEBE EHO35 Robin/ Subaru belt drive kit or the IF Honda GHX50/ Grubee stage III chain drive kit.
    Here's where I stand at the moment.
    I love the look and lower center of gravity afforded by the IF Honda.
    I love the simplicity and seemingly inherent reliability of the GEBE kit.
    I need to know if one is better suited than the other at climbing relatively steep hills. I live in a hilly area and live on the top of a hill.
    I am not intrested in going 35 to 40+ MPH. 25 to 30 all day long would be great.
    I know that both engines require similar maintenance.
    I understand that the Grubee gearbox gets really hot on long trips. How prone to self destruction does that make it?
    What is the life expectancy of the Grubee gear drive transmission, given frequent grease maintenance.
    What is the life expectancy of the belt and pulleys on the GEBE system, given practically no maintenance required?
    I like the fact that I can run a 1 gallon tank with the IF Honda and get 100 miles per trip.
    I do not like the teeny, tiny tank on the Robin/ Subaru and the 30 to 35 mile range.
    With the exception of bungee cording a regular 1 gallon gas tank somewhere on the bike for a reserve supply, is there an aftermarket tank with reasonable capacity for it?
    Thank you in advance for your time.