looking for info on best place to buy my 2 stroke engine

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by donprice48, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. donprice48

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    Iam a noob and I am finding it difficult to find out who has the best 2 stroke engines..i would prefer to stay away from the cheap 120 dollar type engines and want a better engine for more money if possibly can I get some leads on where to look for better engines preferably American or Canadian made ..willing to pay more for quality

  2. Bonefish

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    All the HT engines are made in China. They are all made the same. If you are going to get one, buy the least expensive one. I would look into a Japanese made engine if you are looking for reliability though. They don't look like the HT engines though. They are look more like weedeater engines but they last longer and less headaches.
  3. donprice48

    donprice48 New Member

    I saw piston bikes makes a sleeper racer engine for about 400 ...anyone have any info on them ...thanks so much for your replies
  4. Timbone

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    I am thinking the same way. thatsdax.com looks like they have a good upgraded engine.
  5. shindog

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    Bike Berry

    Don't buy from Bike Berry as they will not warranty their products.
  6. Fly1

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    (Don't buy from Bike Berry as they will not warranty their products.) Can you be a little more specific on that??

  7. shindog

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    Sure Fly,
    I purchased a complete package from them with an upgraded exhaust, a "better" plug and they guaranteed it would go together in a few hours, "no problem". After 2 weeks of working on it I contacted them to return it and was told they would only replace the parts that are not working. I should have looked more closely at the return policy, but I'm a little ****ed off that I have an engine that doesn't seem to work no matter what I do and am not getting anything from Bikeberry.

  8. Fly1

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    Well bud I,m kinda new to this also. But I finished my first build about a month ago.
    I ran into a bunch of problems when trying to fit the engine to the frame. I had to
    modify the motor mounts, for my bikes tubes were to big & the tube angles were different.

    The thing I see in these kits is there are just so many types of frames out there it is
    impossible to fit these engines to just drop in any bike.