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    I have a K&S Bike Machine from the early 70's. It's been in my pole barn for a few years and had come out of a relatives basement when they cleaned out to move. Seems I never had time to take a look at it until now, so trying to find out a little more about it. This is a new motor still in the box, appears to have never been used. I put it up on the bench and found that the spark plug had been broken, but everything else looks good. One question I have is what spark plug should be used in it. The original plug broke right where the number is, so couldn't tell what NGK plug it was. I bought one that was the same size just to see if it would fire. The motor has good compression so I gave it a squirt of starting fluid and it fired. The box also had a container to put extra fuel in and a hardware kit still in the bag, never opened. The owner's manual was in the box, but pages are stuck together. Can anyone tell me more about these motors? Are they very hard to mount on a bike. I'm not sure if I want to try to use it or sell it. Could be an interesting conversation piece.

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    Thanks for the link to the manual. That helps a lot. There was an original manual in with the motor, but it must have been wet sometime over the years and pages are all stuck together.
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    no problem that's what we are here for .

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    If you still have motor just seeing if interested in selling?
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    The link for the manual is not supported anymore. I'm needing a bearing replaced and can't find any information about the motor so I can replace this broken bearing. Please help!