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  1. thearcticfisherman

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    looking for cheap muffler or the cap that goes on one, out on a ride breaking in motor, 92miles on it, and cap on muffler came off cant find it so looking to get back on the road soon!!!!!!!!:ack2: this is for the 66cc
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  2. V 35

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    I was giving thought to using a 10 HP style Kohler ' pepperpot ' muffler, plan would be
    to adapt a 1" Copper water pipe spud to exhaust pipe, screw muffler into spud.

    I'm a small engine [ 4 stroke ] mechanic by trade, and know little about 2 stroke exhaust dynamics, I was thinking ' cool, and cheap ! ]

    Failing that, how about a copper plumbing cap, soft metal squeezes, hammers nicely.
  3. xxSLiMxx

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    Iv got one, its kinda dirty/coverd in oil but i can clean it up a bit. $20.00+shipping (comming from canada) let me know if u want it.