looking for old link to replica military bike

Discussion in 'Antique Motorized Bicycles' started by azdragoon, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. azdragoon

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    Hello, I remeber seeing a thread one MB and someone posted a link to another site where someone built a beautiful military replica bike. He had aged it by using sprecial tecniques for painting and such. Does anyone remember this thread? thanks

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    Did you check the gallery ?
    Once found you can search his posts.
    Good luck
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    The felt line of miltary bikes are gorgeous!
  4. azdragoon

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    Thanks guys, but he's not a member here I don't think. Someone posted a link to another site where he showed his build. I'd like to reveiw his ideas and incorporate some. Yes the Felt MP bike is stunning. I decided to build my own for the challenge and I'd hat to drill and weld on a $650 bike just to get a 4 stroke engine to work. The Huffy cruiser I biked up was only $10!
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    go to search and input military bike.
  6. azdragoon

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    Thanks but have been doing that to no avail.
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    Thanks for that link. That was a very cool bike, and I'm sure I'll rob a couple ideas, but the one bike I'm thinking of had a integral frame tank and the guy had painted it olive drap and somehow aged it to look really vintage. Thanks for the posts guys, keep em coming.
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    Is there anyone else from 'Bama in here?