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Looking for power starter for them bike motor kits

  • Thread starter joen1861@yahoo.com
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I hope this is not way off topic here.
If so I'm sorry..
I seen a post or a site sometime ago befor I got into this hole deal of hooking up the motor kit to a bike.
Well to start here is what I would like to know.....
Have any of you hooked up a power starter to your kits. Like to the white wire. Like a scooter. as if you take a older scooter and hook it up is there a way to pull that off with them kits. I hear people hooking up a key where it well not start with out the key..

Feedback Plz



Magneto wires

Joen, there is no way it will start off of the Magneto coil, DO NOT PUT POWER to those wires, you will fry it.

easiest way to electric start the HT engine, is a hub motor, and when the bike is in motion from the electric, drop the clutch.



I suppose Mike you could install a 12 volt starter with spocket on the drive chain and use a vee stand to keep the wheel off the ground.
Just a thought and a small one at that!


Ya I was thinking like mike and you said. about that.. This is a good topic we need to start off for noob's like me so we don't think of trying to do this maybe ask Tom or a mod to start off a post where new people can see this right away.
This was something I was going to do right away when I hooked up my kit.