Looking for s/s flex pipe

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    Does anybody know of a source of 7/8" ID stainless steel flex pipe? I want to replace the stock kit exhaust on my Huasheng 142F 49cc 4-stroke with flex (for the meaningful power gains that I've been hearing about).

    All I've found so far online is this 1" OD / 7/8" ID galvanized flex pipe from a company called Route 21 Trading:


    I've heard that some flex pipe isn't appropriate for an exhaust (maybe plumbing- or propane-related pipe?) Any insight on that would be appreciated as well.
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  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    They sell a length of stainless flex for $22 that you will find
    on their Whizzer Exhaust Parts page

    EZ Motorbike sells flex too but it isn't stainless and it discolors and rusts.
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    Thanks for your help, MotorBicycleRacing. I just faxed my order in to Memory Lane Classics: s/s flex pipe, pipe end tip, and frame-mount bracket. $38 plus shipping. Not bad at all. Now I just need to get a seat tube clamp to attach the pipe to the current exhaust's stub end (once I hacksaw the kit exhaust about two inches from the engine).