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    hello, im still new here and looking to buy a motor kit for my bike ( chain driven 2-stroke, frame mounted) what yall call the happy time motor

    the best deal i've found so far is $160 for the 66/80cc kit, not including shipping and handling, if any cheaper are known i'd be overjoyed to find out, the bike im planning on equiping w/ the motor is a schwinn avenue, i have no pictures of it on hand so i found a link from walmart for the bike

    my concerns are with the slim bike tire, while riding it normally i love it due to the lack of friction most bikes have w/ wider tires, but im wondering if this could couse a problem with a motor being mounted, and possibly on turns

    it is already my primary mode of transportation, and im looking to make it easier to get around, aswell as extend my range of travel without arriving drenched in sweat out of breath, and tired before i even begin to go to work

    im fairly mechanically inclined, and almost a fully certified marine mechanic (boat motor mechanic)

    any and all ideas on what should or should not be done are more then welcome, and thank you in advance :grin5:

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    Although I don't like nor will I deal with these people (BGF and luckyearlybird) I feel compelled to show you a cheaper price.

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-80cc-Bi...329?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item256d672599 $157.69 shipped.

    What ever China gal you buy, they are about all the same. Some things to look at before you attempt installing the engine on the bike. I'm not sure about the wheel, but have used bikes that have thin wheels before without any problem. Installing the engine correctly is critical for longevity.
    http://s982.photobucket.com/albums/ae309/Ron-Becker/Engine Mounting/
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  3. To: nate98

    The bike looks good however you mention it is your single mode of transpertation. It has been our experience that if your ride takes you over 30min the engine gets hot, if your commute is long you might want to research the 4-stroke engine
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    i have researched all the motors and ways to set it up that i could possibly find on this site, aswell as via google, i'd like the 2 stroke becouse of the acceleration, its lighter weight, and seems to have a higher top end ( not really a priority, but always nice), and these newer kits all seem to have a heat shield on the exhaust, and my ride is currently only about 5-10 minutes in any direction, while pedaling at approx 10-15 mph

    but i have had jobs that required me to go about 30minutes out pedaling, which would be more like 10-15 or less w/ a motor equiped

    i've also become very familiar with both the 4-stroke and the 2- stroke engines via marine mechanics class, and i just like the 2 strokes simplistic design, and they seem to be just as reliable so long as u dont go WOT for extended periods of time without upping your gas oil ratios

    but thanks to u both for replying and offering words of advice, and fisherman, thx alot for the links, the guide to setup i stumbled upon last night and already had the very same link bookmarked lol