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    I am looking for a sprocket hub with a 3/4 inch bore I am looking for the type that will hold the larger sprockets/chainring over 30 teeth. I can seem to only find them in 1 inch and up.


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    I found My sprocket this guy http://kingssalesandservice.com/?page_id=10 makes any size sprocket you need, and they fit on a disc brake adapter, which fits on a fw adapter, which fits on My 3/4 axel. Now that I have found sprockets that will fit my axel I have a couple questions about gearing. I deceided to go with a port and polished Spookytooth motor (was hoping to go electric but up front costs are too high)anyways the motor will go to a jackshaft which I need becuase my rear tire is 12 inches wide,and jackshaft to the rear sprocket. What would be a good combination of sprockets for jackshaft and wheel. I have some hills to deal with and of course I would like some speed.