Looking for the best 4 stroke kit available

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  1. AnotherBillfromAZ

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    Hello, Im new but not new to the 2 stroke. In 2008 I was building and selling them all over town while the Real Estate market was down.
    I'm still a Realtor and an investor, but I know from my past experience that motorized bicycles a GREAT for marketing, as they're quite the attention getter. I don't have the time to "Babysit" a 2-stroke kit anymore and am looking to build a few 4 strokes for marketing purposes.
    That's why Im here; I'm looking for the best 4 stroke kit out there. I'm torn between the GT Storm and the EZ bike, as there are already a couple dealers near me. Do you guys have any suggestions?

  2. azbill

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    welcome from FH :)
    if you are ever in the FH area, I offer test rides of my EZM powered stretch cruiser ;)

    btw,,,have we spoken via e-mail ???
  3. AnotherBillfromAZ

    AnotherBillfromAZ New Member

    Hello Bill! Yes we sure have spoken via email. That is one sweet stretch cruiser you have there!
    I'm putting a Honda GXH50 on whatever I get this time, the EZBike seems to be a good, sturdy kit; I'd like to know how it stacks up against the 4G. No Hua Shang for me.

    I'm STILL waiting for Randy to answer my email. I'll be coming to see you soon, Bill. I have a client in Fountain Hills!
  4. PatrickW

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    Other Bill...Seems you mostly have your mind made up...but don't run away from the Staton-inc gearbox set up with a Robin/Subaru engine, or the GEBE with the Robin-Subaru 035 setup...They are both great performers, and real long and hard strokers. Neather will let you down...nor will Azbill's EZ Kit. Just, please look around first.
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