LOOKING for the following parts. Pics inside

Discussion in 'Spare Parts, Tools & Product Developement' started by Night_Rider, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. Night_Rider

    Night_Rider Guest

    I need these parts and I live in a part of Canada that none else owns one of these. I pretty new to this so I dont know the names of this stuff.
    I know this part, its the clutch pad. Cant find these locally.
    This sprocket is my main thing I need replaced. it fits into the spot in the pic below.

    Please I need these parts asap and I havent been able to find these parts on Ebay. I live in Canada so parts are hard to find. Plz Help
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  2. Old style round clutch buttons

    Hi i have replacement clutch wheels, PM me if you like,
  3. Night_Rider

    Night_Rider Guest

    Doesnt mater now anyway. I had the bike sitting in my shed. and someone broke in and stole it. Funny thing is that he didnt get far. Since the clutch was no connected ther was no getting the bike on. Bad thing is he just ditch it by my house and the garbage people took it. I was ****ed for a bit but i just bought another motor. I got the bike off the side of the road so thats no loss. When I get the motor I will post the bike pictures in the area for them.