Looking for Torque Build. (College Commuter Asks...)

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    I didn't want to start a new thread but I had to as no-one has bothered to revisit my latter thread and I need answers to my questions if I'm ever going to get this finished. I'm trying to learn please teach!!

    Ok It's YOUNGCHAOS, the college commuter, back with news of my first build. So I purchase a kit from Bicycle-engines.com since it seemed to be the build everyone has and talks about( the 49cc 4G T Belt Drive Complete Gas Powered Engine Kit). I'm curious about the Sprockets. Exaclty, How High can I go? My Kit comes with a 48 tooth, though, if I have the money should I get a better sprocket rig? I've seen as high as 72 tooth sprockets. Will I need more chain? I want to be able to pedal also in case I'm driven off the road and need to pedal the sidewalk. So obviously I need a wider Crank Shaft Sprocket (correct me if I'm wrong). Will I need to change the back sprocket as well if I move up higher? I've been looking at the 56 tooth sprocket; what would it take to do that? I have a Huffy 26" Crook Neck(will post photos). Also, I've heard the OEM Brakes are not ideal. Is there any disc brake's available for motor bikes?; if so where at? lol

    Here is what is included with my kit:

    [TD]Kit Includes:
    • 4 cycle 49cc 2.5 hp HuaSheng engine
    • T belt drive transmission
    • 100/12 tooth configuration
    • Tapered 1/2" drive shaft with factory OEM centrifugal clutch
    • 3 piece wide crank
    • 1pc to 3pc bottom bracket conversion kit
    • 48 tooth 9 hole chrome sprocket
    • 2.5L fuel tank
    • Twist throttle & cable with kill switch
    • Heavy duty chain
    • All the mounting brackets, gaskets, and hardware.

    Huffy2071-3.jpg [/TD]

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    First off, I wouldn't put this kit on the pictured bike...I use a Schwinn Point Beach for these kits...reason, they may look similar but the Huffy bike has less length from the seat post to the front bar, so the engine mounting plate has to be shortened...you also need as least caliper brakes both front & rear..I also wanted more torque I thought , so I installed a 56 tooth rear sprocket, has more torque but a severe decrease in speed....In hindsight I would stay with the furnished sprocket..."will I need to change the rear sprocket if I move up higher", I don't understand that sentence at all....the supplied chain is long enough for the 56 tooth sprocket....and yes the pedal crank need to be changed....hope this helps..my advice here is from hard won experience
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    "will I need to change the rear sprocket if I move up higher" = Higher number of teeth on the sprocket.

    So, What will I need to do with the mounting plate; can I cut it to length? I have any tool needed at my disposal.
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    What does that mean???unless you're talking about the front sprocket on the engine....and you can only get a 10 or 12 from BEngines..or yes, to get more teeth on the rear you must change the sprocket......the mounting plate side holes will not line up with the supplied cast iron bike adapters...the side oblong holes must be cut longer...no problem if you have the tools ...also check the bolt that holds the centrifugal clutch onto the engine shaft..the supplied one I got was too short, so use a longer bolt there, also mount the holding brackets for the plastic cover ,over the belt, BEFORE you install the gearbox on the engine, otherwise you can't get to the back holes for the brackets...
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    Thanks you've been very helpful so far... I really do need this information. You providing it is highly appreciated. :D is there certain things I should stock up on like spark plugs, brake pads, etc, basically things you KNOW I will be replacing within the first 6 mo's of use (I'd like to hope b-e.com's warranty would cover such minor inflictions.)? Things I should stock up on? I'm aware things will need replaced from time to time though I'd like to be prepared, because I'm not getting this bike for recreational purposes but as a legit way of transportation. You said I need Brake calipers I'm looking into that now. As for the mounting problem could you show me (like a instructional video) on what you are referring to?

    Edit: I already have Brake Calipers on front & back, though I'm scared of having front brakes going so fast (I've had the "nose dive into the pavement" happen to me on serveral occasions). Would it be okay to remove the front set and keep them as a spare?
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    These kits are virtually trouble free...no need to stock up on parts for the kit...the Huffy rear rim bearings will be the first to go....and I can't find a source for them.....don't know about a video...the problem will be obvious when you set the plate on the bike...keep the oil changed in the engine...get a feeler's gauge to set the valve's with much later after usage.....004 on the intake and.006 on the exhaust