Looking for wide rims.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by tom-fishing, Mar 27, 2012.

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    I've been trying to find some heavy duty wide rims for my new build and not quite finding what I want. Does anyone know where I can find some 26 inch 50mm wide, or close to that with 36 hole rims? I'm beginning to go cross eyed from reading on this computer all day looking for some, so any help would be welcomed.

  2. There is a guy in orange county California in.......ummmmm.....uhhhhhhh....hmmmmmmm. I think Costa mesa... this guy is sick. He takes two rims and either welds them together or rivets or something but it makes like a 4 inch wide rim and then he get a super thick tire and it just looks sick. He is very original I haven't seen anyone do that. Then there is another deal that he does where he combines 2 rims together but instead of one tire he actullay put two tires on. It looks like something off mad max or Batman. I will try to get pics. Gotta see to believe.
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    If you can find em, 36H Sun 26x2.0 Mammoth BFR rims are just about bulletproof.

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  5. tom-fishing

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    Thanks for the suggestions, but they're all options that I've already considered. What I'm trying to do is keep the look of the Felt bike, it came with 50mm wide rims. The problem is that they are only single walled aluminium and I live in the land of potholes and gravel.
    At this point I'm thinking of getting in touch with some of the snow rim makers to see if I can get a pair of rims without the cut-outs that they use to save weight. I'll post what I find.
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    I work at a bike shop and scoured all of the catalogs from our suppliers. The widest I found without going to something like Surly large marge (65mm), vicious cycles (80mm) and the like is Alex DX32 rims.

    The Alex rims are 39 mm wide and have a multi cavity, design with spoke eyelets. They are also affordable compared to others a similar width. These rims are made for downhill so they should be stout. I have these rims with my creme colored Schwalbe Fat Frank tires. The Fat Frank's are 26 x 2.35, next time I will get Maxxis Hookworm's in the 26 x 2.5 size. went for the retro look for the planned board track build.

    Bob C.
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    Then I think you need to re-word your thread title because you're obviously not looking for wide rims. 50mm is not wide. That's not even 2inches.
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    Cavi Mike,

    If you knew that most decent 26" rims range 23-26mm wide, then 50mm is wide. Tom also hinted that he would like better quality than single wall rims. 35-40mm is wide for a double wall rim. Yes, you can find 80-100mm wide single wall rims but I personally don't find single wall rims worth owning.

    Bob C.
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    Yes Bob I am looking for double-walled rims, and no I don't want to carry it to the extreme like Cal is suggesting. Thought I had found some 47mm from Classic Cycles in Germany, but when I e-mailed them asking to be notified when some came in they were taken off the site. They really would have added to the retro look that I'm going for. They still show them in stock for 24 & 20 inch so my search may help someone else. Thanks for your help. Tom