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I'm looking to buy an 70cc or larger engine for my micargi stretch cruiser,... Anyone have anything they'd sell cheap or trade for well I got a bunch of stuff really.
2 mm80 4 strokes
1 bored out high performance pk80.
1 yd 100 with dio reed valve and carbs
Several different hp carbs and okos and pwks
2 mz65 clones
Several other performance pipes
2 bbr stage 2 cdi s with keys
Several other pk 80s
a bUnch of random motors of unknown type
A rear mount Mitsubishi motor any sprockets and lots of other engines and parts.
2 complete bikes
I got Alot of stuff guys and it gotta go ... Wife is bi***in' and money is tight.
I'm willing to sell or trade any or all of this stuff


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12:25 PM
Oct 12, 2019
Hey Thanks Wrench :)

However, i've sold (gave away lol) all of the 2 stroke stuff i had for $175.00. Dude kept asking if i was serious, i kept saying yeah just get it out of my living room :ROFLMAO:
The guy built 2 running bikes and has spare parts galore :D

Thanks for the recommendation Brother :)