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    I recently got a new 66cc engine and it looks like I can't use the 415 chain I used on my older engine. the "new" motor binds up with the 415 chain but will work with the chain it came with.I was hoping that I could remove the drive cog off my old engine and replace it with the one off my old motor. Does anybody know how I could accomplish this? I can't seem to get to the point were I get the key out of the old motor to get the cog off.

    thanks Mike

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    I personally have not removed a drive sprocket from one of these engines.
    But, are you sure that nut it isn't left hand thread? (or do you have the nut off already?)
    you will probably have to use a puller to get the sprocket off the shaft.
    i think any type of puller that has adjustable U shaped jaws with a bolt in the middle will work.
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    The thread is not left hand and most kits come with a threaded puller
    that works on the 10 tooth sprocket, clutch and bevel gear.
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    What motor do you have that it has a different chain than everyone else? Won't that play **** trying to get new rear sprockets or do they have their own line of overpriced gears and chains for their bikes?:thinking:
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    The chain that did not work for me was the 415 chain I had for the old motor. The chain that came with the kit did fit and I am using it now. it seems to work with my current rear cog I "tested" it buy pushing the bike for a bit and glided for about a half a block.

    I was able to get the cog off my old engine by prying it off with a screwdriver So I guess I will ride around on the current set up until I get the nerve to take the cog off my current engine.

    the engine is a Skyhawk that I got last year on sale.

    thanks' mike
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