looking to get a 50cc 4 stroke mounted in frame

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    For those readers not checking out the new users area: My name is John and I have a 4 speed beach cruiser with a 35 cc Robin mounted with a friction kit. I enjoy riding the bike about 50 miles at a time for fun, exercise and transportation. I am interested in buying a bike with a 50cc motor mounted in the frame. I am looking for a reliable configuration. 4 stroke, eco friendly. I am here to learn which way I should go about getting one. How long does it take the average guy to put on such a kit? Can I get a good prebuilt one shipped to me for a reasonable price? I am interested in any kit advice and also checking out any prebuilt 4 stroke 50cc with the motor in frame. Thank you and happy motorized biking.

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    Hi John
    You mean pre-built as a finished bike, then?

    As far as kits go, there are a number of options shaping up for what you may be looking for.
    The EZ Motor Bike Co. has got a 4 in the frame newly out, the Dax Titan is another and I know Grubee has still another scheduled for release soon. Just a mention of a few off the top. Maybe check through the forums and search the archives on those, maybe something you'll like there.

    Also, there may be members here in your general geographical area who could supply a finished bike to your specs. Good luck.
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