looking to get a start somewhere with e-bikes

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by _harbor_, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. _harbor_

    _harbor_ Guest

    i was thinking about buying a setup ( but at the lesser 36v to start off ) this is the kit here as advertised..

    This kit has everything that you need:

    * 400 watts motor (crystalyte 408)
    * 36 volts 20amps controller
    * 36 volts NiMh 8Ah battery in frame mounted protective case
    * 36 volts NiMh charger
    * 36 volts lighted twist throttle or thumb throttle
    * 13 gauge stainless steel spokes and double wall rims with eyelet
    * pedal-assist adapter (optional)
    * Range 18 - 21 miles or 30 - 35km or (Non-pedal assist)
    * Range 37 - 42 miles or 60 - 70km (pedal assist)
    * battery box includes power switch, lock, key switch, inline fuse, and temperature sensor, with built-in charging port

    my questions are with this kit if i got it ( for $770 ) what are my options to upgrade later ? is that a reasonable price ? ( seems to be from my research. ) would i be better off just getting a kit in pieces and assembling my own kit that way ? i will add that that kit at 770 is stretching my budget already.

    ive been reading recently about the dewalts being able to deliver 72v quite impressively but its not the right time for me to do this now ( barely able to afford this possibly ) also best to wait till its worked out to a science on how to do it and it will be cheaper later also...

    for that route i would need to upgrade to a 72v controller i no that much and of course buy the batteries themselves (x 4) or packs prebuilt (pretty expensive upgrade for me just yet but ill be saving ) but is that it ? also any recommendations on which one to get if i go to do it ? ive seen a 35a and a 40a what would be the difference with either in the system ? one of the reasons im choosing the 408 is because its pedal first and is better with these batteries i believe because it will draw less amps peak i dont want to ruin the batteries thats fer sure... and also its better for distance.

    sorry for asking all these questions but ive never built one yet ( an e-bike ) so im a noob. but i love to ride ! and i want to ! soon ! thanks for any help

  2. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    That motor is only 400 Watts so you would be sorely limited for a later upgrade. As far as the peddle first option, you can do that with either motor but the peddle first makes you wait until you are at 5mph before allowing power to the motor. You can peddle as fast as you want just don't hit the throttle till your ready. The crystalyte name is well known but they are pricey and so are the parts later down the road. You want to make sure it is a brushless motor so you don't have to change the brushes with wear and it gives you a longer charged distance.
  3. falconev

    falconev New Member

    hmm, I would run away from the 408, unless you only weigh 100 lbs...
  4. sabrewalt

    sabrewalt Guest


    I have no experience with the Crystalyte 408 but there are guys out there running them with 72V controllers and love them because they are so much lighter than the 5XXX series. I would ask this question on visforvoltage and endless-sphere and see what kind of answer you get.
    I have an under powered cheap chinese hubmotor so I have built an ebike, and would love the "try" the different hubmotors from Crystalyte.

    Falcony what is your bad experince with the 408.. Too underpowered??
  5. falconev

    falconev New Member

    the Clyte name and the WE name have been the only choices up till now, so thats all people know about. They work ok, It depends on the type performance u are looking for.
    pushing a 408 to 48 or 72V is not recomended and voids any warranty. plus the motor will overheat quite possibly. not good.
    the forums are dedicated Clyte lovers, so u wont get objective answers there.
    you wont get optimum perf anyway w/o Lithium batts. And since u are already 'stretched' $$ , then just wait till you can get the best falcon green hornet unit
  6. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I was wondering when you would bring up what you have to sell :shock::shock::shock:
  7. Dockspa1

    Dockspa1 Guest

    So Mr. Falcon, thats why you were riding me about quote " Thats what you get when you buy the cheapest hub on the planet" . Your here to pull s sneaky sales pitch.
    Bill, Time to take out the trash!
  8. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    oh, yeah...we're watching...falcon, if you have something to say, i think it would be best if you just spit it out...are you a seller who'd like to help further the movement? if so, then you've come to the right place, & it may be that we'd be interested in what you offer.

    but, if all you're here for is to get that sneaky-link in eventually, that just won't float at MBc...this board belongs to the consumer.
  9. kbarrett

    kbarrett New Member

    The C-lite unit is just fine.

    I use a 405 on a 20" wheel and have no complaints.

    A geared hub, or a seperate motor plus freewheel gear is more efficient, yes. But a hall-effect hub is rather simple to use and install ... and folks have had no problems pushing c-lyte 40x and x5 hubs past 72V, as long as they replace the FETs in the controller first.

    This "falconev" dude has had a socialization prob on endless-sphere as well as "green hornet".
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  10. kbarrett

    kbarrett New Member

    Were you planning on ever replacing that bad foil-pack LiFePO4 battery you folks sold Ypedal?

    I looks like he did get Ypedal's replacement shipped and delivered.

    I retract this snipe and apologize.
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  11. Ypedal

    Ypedal Member

    Yep.. i got a replacement pack alright..

    And for the record.. nothing wrong with running a crystalyte motor at 72v, even with the stock controllers if matched up properly to wheel size and motor winding.

    I have had my dual speed in a 20" pull a 300 lbs guy towing a guy on rollerblades up an incline at 72v 20 amps.. no smoke or sparks.

    To the original poster.. the 408 kit you mentioned at 770 $ is inline with the current price of things.. the battery and charger alone are 300 $..

    the 36v controller can be run at 48v ( the led throttle battery status display won't read correctly tho.. and the LVC low voltage cutoff from the controller stays at 29v, so you need to know your battery )

    to run 72v you need a larger controller, as you already know.

    2 x dewalt packs in series give 66v.

    www.ebikes.ca has a simulator you can use to calculate speed/power etc...

    the " Journey " kit, wich i think is what you found, has the BionX shaped battery box.. measure your frame carefully as the box is rather large and may not fit all frames.

    Other than that.. it's a good kit, proven reliable and available.

    Cheers !
  12. Ypedal

    Ypedal Member


    A quick vid of the incline in question in case anyone wants to know my version of an " Incline " .. lmao..

    *( and yes.. i know.. i'm on the wrong side of the street.. but it's safe and i know the area very well.. i have to go left at the top to get home.. )