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    I'm REALLY new at this and this is going to be my first project. I want to build a reverse trike that will eventually be covered in fiberglass. I need to find a way to build one with the least amount of money (I'm poor). And I would like to find one that is fairly simple to build for my first attempt. I would appreciate any help from all of you. I know this is a tall order, but I'm 54 and can't wait too much longer to enjoy things lol.

    Please point me in some directions, give me some advice, or whatever you can contribute. I appreciate everything that you can do to help.

    Here is something that is close to what I am looking for (look for the reverse trike): http://www.highmileagetrikes.blogspot.com/

    I almost forgot. One thing I have going for me is my next door neighbor. He is an expert welder and can read blueprints. And would help for free (smile)

    Again, thank you.
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  2. Check out picture gallery with a search "Trike". You'll find a lot of ideas there.

    This one's my personal favorite:


    I wish I could weld. I have so much in my mind. You can pretty much copy that almost 1,000 dollar recumbent I would think with some materials and some skill.
    Take lots of pics and start a new thread when you get there!
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    Thanks for writing back. I will look at the picture gallery when I get through writing this note. Once I get to start the project, I will take lots of pics and will post them when the time is right. Right now I'm waiting on the funds (smile). Soon I hope.
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    A Terra Trike Path goes for about a grand. And the frame is much the same as my Zoomer (sut steel and with less high end equipment which you don't really need with a motorized bike). It is a great platform to build on. If I had it to do again, I'd use one and add a Honda 50cc and a Nuvinci hub.
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    I did a search and found the trike on the Utah Trikes site. Very nice looking. Nice platform. A bit rich for me though. Like I said, I'm poor, lol. Maybe I can save my pennies and get one though. It will take a while though.

    Maybe I should start with a standard motorbike first? Get my feet wet with something that's less expensive and maybe not so complicated? Since I haven't started anything, I'm still open to all ideas. Still trying to make up my mind I guess.

    What would any of you do if you were just starting out and had not done anything yet? I have only a little DIY talent. Luckily, my neighbor can help some. Is starting out with a trike, biting off a lot for just starting out?

    I would be interested in hearing everyone's opinions.
  6. Go to the flea market or garage sale TODAY and look for that 20 dollar bicycle that would suit you well. Count the spokes on the rear rim. You want 36 spokes. This is desirable for fitment of a spoke mounted sprocket but other spoke configurations have been known to work. Then go ahead and save for a Happy Time engine (2 stroke frame mount) and get it on that bike. Make sure your frame will fit.
    Then after you have that,thanks to your welder buddy,you can do this:
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    Great Idea! I think you are right about the flea market or garage sale. Think I will check for some today. Then I will save up for the HT like you were talking about. I can't wait! Oh, and nice looking sidecar bike.

    Thanks for the insight. I need ideas right about now. I have so many things running through my head I have a hard time figuring out what to do, lol. Thanks for helping me keep my feet on the ground.

    I'm still looking at pics and trying to picture what I want to do. So far the standard motor in the V-frame seems to be winning out. Plus I want to put some storage on the back but don't know how to do that yet. Anyone have any ideas on that issue?
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    Surf Craigslist or put an add up for bike wanted cheap. They also have a free section that you might find a bike in. Be on the look out for yard sales also everyone is cleaning out their garages this time of year. I say if you can pick up anything that is free and show it to your neighbor and see what he can so with them.
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    Hi Gear Dog, I should have put this in THIS thread but I didn't. I got me a bike about a week ago. Some unexpected funds came into the house and I was able to get me a Kulana Moon Dog bike. I also have an engine kit that is in the mail and will be here Wed. or Thurs... YEA!... My neighboor is a different story... he has whimped out on me for some stuff but he says he will still help me put the engine on the bike (thank goodness). I would go crazy trying to do it myself. A mechanic I'm not, lol.

    Anyway thanks for the suggestions but I got me a bike now and well on my way to having a mb. It won't happen soon enough but I just have to be patient :).

    Have a great one!
  10. crabdance

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    Just thought I would update this thread. Now I have my bike and the engine kit should be here tomorrow. I'm going to look for stuff to build a light system for the bike today at Home Depot. All in all things are going much better than they were when I was last posting. Thanks to one person, Jim H. He donated the engine kit and that's the only reason I almost have a mb right now. Like I said it should be here tomorrow. I found a great deal on eBay. I got a 12v 7ah sla rechargeable battery for $3.00 plus $8.00 shipping and it should be here in a few days. It seems like only a few days ago that I had nothing and thanks to Jim H. and my understanding wife, I now have quite a bit going for me. My biggest task is going to be putting the kit together without instructions. I will have to rely on people here to help plus whatever help I can find on the board and the net in general. Thanks to all of you for helping me to get to where I am now. Will let you all know how the build goes when I start my "build" thread.
  11. About a decade ago I sent away for some plans for a fully enclosed trike made from a modified bicycle. I'll see if I can find them and post them here if they are no longer for sale...
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    cool man... thanks for the post
  13. darwin

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    As far as a tranny with reverse thats small enough...........do older atvs have reverse? I know alot of golf carts do, gas and electric plus those gas ones where you step on the gas pedal and it just starts and goes.
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    Don't know about the reverse, darwin. But that would be nice on a trike.
  15. DougC

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    If you go to bentrideronline, there is a homebuilder sub-forum, and there is a lot of trike-building links in there. A reverse trike is usually called a "tadpole" trike.

    If you have access to welding equipment (and somebody who knows how to use it) it is not that difficult to build a bike or a trike--if you can scrounge a couple or three junk bikes to cut up, but the transmission with reverse,,, I don't know where you'd get that. The main problem most bicycle engine kits have right now is that they are only one-speed drive. The only ready-made solution is the Staton/NuVinci setup, and it's got no reverse.

    ...What you will not find much info on there however is adding an engine. So you'd have to come back to here to get much help with that. :grin:


    Just to get started, here is one site where the guy has built a lot of trikes (and bikes too):
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    Thanks Doug, I am going to look at the site you sent and see what I can come up with. I just got through building my first "normal" bike and I would say that in a little while I will be ready to start working on the trike. Thanks for the link. I will let you know how things work out!

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    Right now the site is experiencing some serious problems. I can't get to the message board, but I will try again later. Once again thanks!

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    I haven't been able to see the message board at bentrideronline the last two days either, so it seems to have tanked over the weekend.
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    Well, at least I know it isn't me. I sent a PM to the admin letting him/her know whats going on and maybe they can get it fixed.
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    crabdance, how did your engine install go? According to what I've seen here, the green Kulana Moondog is a natural for the HT engine.