For Sale Looking to sell my old China Girl in the Tucson area.

Hello! I was a member here years ago and have a lot of gear taking up space in my garage. My main ride is a Sears Huffy beach cruiser with a 48 cc engine, heavy duty wheels, and front drum brake. The sprocket mount is a type that clamps onto the hub of the wheel instead of attaching to the spokes like the standard kit does. This was manufactured by a board member that posted here back in the day. I also have a second frame with the heavy duty wheels and front drum brake. I also have a spare 48cc engine, another of the clamp on sprocket mounts, a 1 gallon tank, and a bunch of miscellaneous gear. I am hoping to sell it as a lot for $200.00 providing I can find all of the items I mentioned. (My garage would qualify for an episode of "Hoarders".) Please message or respond to this thread.