Here is a picture of a bike frame I built around 1995. I have been thinking of motring it, but where to put the motor? mid frame is out, rear mount/ that would put the engine right by my ear. electric? too short range and too heavy, front wheel? heavy steering. Maybe a motored pusher trailer.
Similar to my recent build except you don't have room for the motor. It may not be the coolest lookin bike but it is a very comfortable ride.


I guess if it was me I'd put a rear mount engine on your recumbent. The noise of the R/S motor really isn't too bad.


I gotta get these bikes painted one of these days but I'm havin too much fun ridin.
Nice designs, guys.....

Have I mentioned how much I like the bents ?


how can I motor up this 20" rear wheel & make it run 30 mph?

a motored trailer? hmmmmm... :unsure: ....let's talk, guys.
darn zombie heads all over the place!
nice Meridian, I've built that one also (sold it on ebay for 675.00 last year)
right now i'm building a trike for Brad to put up on the site, I've also built the delta wolf,overkill (witch I'm going to put a 70cc motor and a jackshaft on) and 3 kyotos( I rent them out to the snowbirds in the winter time here)

for those of you that are wondering what I'm talking about check out www.atomiczombie.com
so that's what happened to the Cat in the Hat's bicycle. JK. That thing looks crazy, is it hard to ride?