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    My good friend 5-7 Heaven and I are planning a motored bike trip around the Island of Oahu. I routed it on google, and it is right at 130 miles around the perimeter. The very northwest tip of the island is a nature preserve, and it had a rough jeep trail around the tip. Years ago a big chunk washed out, and they have left it unimproved to limit vehicle traffic. Hikers and mountain bikers take it all the time. Because of this, most vehicle and bikers take a route sorta up the western 2/3 of the island if they do a loop, and they do not take the costal road up the west.

    We wanted to try and stick to the perimeter if possible, so today my son and I took my 4x4 truck up for a scouting trip. We drove until the road ended, and even though we could have driven further with the truck, we hiked the two miles to the point.

    I think it is passable with our bikes. We will have to portage the washout, but I think with a two person carry it will be possible to make it around the point. What fun is an adventure in there is no challenge in it? :cool:

    This is a video of my son hiking the part we wil have to carry through.

    Road approaching the point near Makaha (famous surf spot)

    On the point

    Much of the road looks like this

    Richard is fearless!

    Richard on the trail

    No motors

    End of the road


    The big washout, looking north[/QUOTE]

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Great shots, man!

    Before the big ride, Ed and I will be doing tuneup runs. One leg will take us 32.55 miles eastward, from Ewa Beach through Waikiki to Hanauma Bay.

    Another ride will take us 29.7 miles north, past Schofield Barracks and Waimea Bay.

    We could also do a 20.2 mile western ride from Ewa Beach to Makaha Beach.
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  3. Mountainman

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    that will be some fine riding
    will you be passing by Pearl City ??
    lived there when I was a kid --------------------- sweet !!
  4. Pablo

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    OK you must halt all such postings.

    Cease and desist.

    STOPPPPITTTT!!!! No MORE pictures. No more trips around the island with loved ones and girls in swim suits. No more dirt roads just longing for MB's.....

    Especially when Ghost0 (Jim!) is loafing up in the woods and I have to run the show by myself. I haven't even thrown my leg over my bike in a week.....:sweatdrop::ack2::dunce::thinking: :rolleyes7:

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. :detective:
  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Yes, we'll pass thru a two-mile section near Pearl Harbor enroute east towards Waikiki.

    The mile-long corridor from Waipahu linking Pearl City is hazardous. It is plagued by crosswinds and anxious motorists trying to get off and on the freeway.

    The first leg from Kapolei to Nanakuli will be the most challenging. Drivers are coming off the freeway at 60mph and merging into a four-lane highway. However, the shoulder is wide so we should be safe.:detective:
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    Is there a reasonably priced ferry service that hops around other islands?

    With those newer MBers joining up, you folks might get a group rate and do some never before done touring and camping.
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    There was a superferry to Maui that was great, but politics shut it down, and it looks like it will not be coming back :(

    Pablo, I've gotta get that expansion pipe and a few more bolt-ons since I need to keep up with that dual engine dragon lady :) This would not be possible in my mind without the shift kit. :cool2: It is a quick hop for you guys, and I have a spare couch :)

    There is a bike path through Pearl City, but 5-7 is a nail magnet for some reason, and prefers main roads.
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    man it sounds like it will be fun.

    in the pic i wouldnt let my kid that close to the ledge.
  9. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Tuneup Rides

    Last week Hawaii Ed and I rode from Waipahu to Sandy Beach, cruising through downtown Honolulu and Waikiki, a distance of maybe 40 miles roundtrip.

    Tomorrow Ed and I will head north to Mokuleia and Dillingham Ranch, a 60-mile roundtrip for me. This is where that washed-out road at Kaena Point connects West Oahu with the North Shore.

    These are tuneup runs prior to the 130-mile ride around the island within a few weeks.
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    Just think, Pablo, I'm here and still can't join them. Still got too much to catch up on from being sick the past 5 weeks.

    Hey, why dontcha come visit and bring me a shift kit so I can save on the shipping. :jester: Nah, I'll be ordering a kit as soon as our finances stabilize. Got a Vegas trip planned for October and gotta make sure we have enough play money first. :D

    If we have enough left, you'll be getting a call. I'm going to need all the help I can get if I want to keep up with the Dragon Lady. :grin5:
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    Today was quite the trip! We planned on just rolling up to the northshore, but then went over to kaena point to check it out. Once we got there we decided to just keep going. This was a tough trip! Very rocky Jeep trail most of the way, but then we hit the nature preserve and it was all sand. No motors allowed, but it was not rideable anyway. We pushed about a mile through the sand, and then hit a washout point on the trail. There was a bypass that was a rocky single track up the mountain with several large rocks in the way, and a dangerous drop off. I managed to get my Trek over most of them since it is only 50lbs, but the heavy Dragon lady took a two man lift. The All wheel drive on Dragon Lady did very well in the dirt! We then continued down the west coast of Oahu, stopping for some much needed A/C and refreshments!

    I had one Waianae gentleman slam on the horn at me, depsite the fact I was rolling 43 in a 35 MPH! I guess he was not happy with a bike in his road! Plus there were two lanes south bound and only moderate traffic. He could easily pass me!

    I had some problems with my engine last night, the slant head blew the plug hole. Rigged up an old head to work, and it rode better than I though it would today. I did have some chain alignment issues to work out, and 5-7 ended the day with a flat close to my house.

    Still, it was a major adventure, and an excellent ride! 5-7 is a great riding partner!

    I installed an expansion pipe/air cleaner on my bike, and tuned the carb for it. Dragon Lady really did not leave me at all, most of the time I throttled back to stay behind. One HUGE advantage of my setup is freewheeling down hill. 5-7 had to keep the RPM's up while I was idling going down the long hill to the Northshore, plus the ease of pushing my bike was a huge help.

    Here is a map of out journey's so far, just to put it in prespective. We have a huge hole in the north and east side to cover :)

    Vids from today to come soon! I got a bigger memory stick and took a lot of vid today!


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    Hey, Ed. Save the Northshore for the Winter. We can get past all that traffic to check out the monster surf at Waimea and Pipeline. :D
  13. Pablo

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    hahahahaha great pictures.........I just MIGHT be at Ko-Olina in Feb - won't have my bike....arggh! (My BIL lives in Milani Town)
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    We rode by Ko'Olina yesterday! Gorgeous place! I hope to have a second shift kit bike by Feb, would love to take ya for a ride!

    There was some talk about how bad Dragon Lady walked my shiftkit up the hill last week. That was a stock motor on my bike, no mods. I added on the expansion pipe, and wow! Really helps the mid range pull. I could keep up easily, even in the windy/uphill parts.

    Here is the run on the road from Ka'ena point south towards Makaha:

    On the Jeep trail from northsore to Ka'ena Point:

    On the Jeep trail in Ka'ena point (south side)

    Here are some pics from Ko'Olina too!

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  15. 5-7HEAVEN

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    The Dragon Lady Was Left FARRR Behind!

    What can I say? The shift kit ANNND the expansion pipe and Ed's engine minus the slant head left me behind.:ack2:

    I was the lead bike most of the way, with engines screaming at 10,000 rpm+, well past redline.

    Those Mitsubishi engines are TOUGH! I rode for miles at wide open throttle. On a particular stretch both engines were running WOT continuously for about 10 miles.

    Hawaii Ed was cruising directly behind me with his engine running comfortably.

    When I asked Ed to lead he took off. At one point he was at least 1/4 mile ahead and holding back so I could catch up.

    Never did catch up. When my tire blew out Ed was out of earshot and almost outa sight.

    And wouldn't you know it? There, in the middle of nowhere on the roadside was a 24" X 24" X 12" concrete slab. Someone had dumped it, and it was a PERFECT tool to prop up "The Dragon Lady" for repairs.

    When Ed returned with the truck I had removed the tire and tube. I had a cool drink in my hand and was reading the newspaper.:jester:

    I told Ed that we don't need to go back to Kaena Point jeep trail. It's no fun pushing a 100-pound bicycle thru sand. However the dual engines worked very well as all-wheel-drive on the offroad trail.

    Thank God for engines and a suspension fork. It is not easy taking a heavy cruiser bike offroading.:jester:
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    Forgot to upload this pic! I had to go pickup the "motorized bike recovery vehicle" (MBRV :cool:) to get the dragon lady home after the rear brake came apart and took out the tire. Luckily 5-7 had a paper to keep him busy!

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    The Northern And Eastern Loop

    The final loop is generally from Pearl Harbor to the North Shore surf spots, past Polynesian Cultural Center, then on towards Makapuu Beach, Sandy Beach and back towards town will be approximately 100 miles.

    It was so physically demanding to push and carry our MB's through Ka'ena Point Natural Reserve. We had also ridden the West coast successfully, so I'd consider that portion accomplished.:detective:

    "The Iron Dragon", my 460 friction bike is reliable enough to commute daily to work. I can now start prepping "The Dragon Lady" for the 100-mile trek. The modified carbs and adaptors need to be retrofitted to both Mitsubishi engines. I am also having 1.75" friction rollers fabricated. At 40mph this should allow the engines to cruise at 8700rpm, not the 10100rpm they're spinning now.

    Also need to redo brakes, front and rear.:detective:
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    My freewheel on the shiftkit took a dump after the run in the sand :( Thought I had cleaned it, but you know how sand gets in every crack LOL! Waiting for a replacement, and we can continue some trips!
  19. augidog

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    thanks, guys...that was fun :cool2:
  20. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Not finished yet, augidog.

    We've got 100+ miles to go.

    Now, whenever I look at the Waianae mountain range from a distance, I say to myself...

    WOW! I rode around those mountains.

    When I leave Makaha during work, I think WOW! I rode my motorized cruiser bike here, which is halfway around the island.:devilish: