Loose Bearings



I'm (slowly) putting together (finally) my MB, and I'm finding that converting from a quick release to a nutted axle, that it's difficult to get the rear bearings tight with no play. Any suggestions? I've been using various parts for the conversion. I had a *new* tandem axle that gives me the spacing I need to mount the drive gear for the axle, while also providing enough space for the cassette on the right side. I'm using the new cones from the QR axle on the new tandem axle.

I need to take the rear wheel apart yet AGAIN, to see if I can get rid of the play. I find it odd that there would be any play, but then again I don't really know the culprit.

Anyone have any conversion issues like this going from quick release to nutted?

Oh, how I wish I had cartridge bearings!!


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I've run into that problem before when trying to change from solid to quick-release. I've got so many wheels around, that I just found one that had the quick release axle. Going the other way, I'd suggest taking your quick release axle to an auto parts store and getting a piece of All Thread.
Any reason a hardware store wouldn't do? Are the 'rods' from an auto parts store stronger?
Thanks! Oh, and how do you cut it? Hacksaw? -- John
Actually, I suspect that the quick release axle may be metric. I don't know if you will be able to buy all thread in metric at a Hardware store. (I'm not sure about it being metric). Maybe Sheldon Brown would shed some light on this prob.
10mm vs. 3/8"

Well, Alaska, you were correct. I couldn't wrap my head around the concept, but I first measured the old quick release axle and it was 10mm and my new axle I intended to use was 3/8". They're only about .5mm different, but it was enough to cause the slop I first described. The 'slop' was up and down instead of right to left when I was adjusting the bearings. The odd thing was that the cones fit both axles!!

I ordered a new 10mm chrome moly axle from Jensonusa.com and it wasn't cheap. (About $18) However, chrome moly is certainly stronger and it was very good quality. Part of the reason it was so expensive is that it is 187mm long, just over 7 1/4" long.

Sorry I doubted you, Alaska. Thanks for the help!!