Loose Bolts In New Engine.....Pay Close Attention Noobies

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Porkchop, Apr 24, 2009.

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    I just got through tinkering with a brand new Groobie engine. All the bolts holding all the covers on were loose as a goose, and there was not a speck of grease on the gears. So.....my point is, check all this out before you install, and like many post here say to use thread locker on all the bolts. Some have even said they recommed you replace all nuts and bolts with higher quality ones. I'm going to do both before I install my engine. I did not check the bolts/screws that hold the engine case together, but I will.
    Better safe than sorry, or physicaly injured !

  2. echotraveler

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    thanx for the heads up

    what kind of grease should i buy, the only lubricants i have are 3in1 and garage door grease...

    im specially interested in chain cleaning and lubricants...it seems i got some sand on chain....not much but i guess with time it could have negative effects
  3. ZnsaneRyder

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    If the workers building these were not so rushed to work faster for less pay, we would not have such silly issues as loose bolts and missing lubrication.

    End Greed = End stupid Manufacturing errors.
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    I am by no means an expert at bicycles. I don't have a clue what kind of grease you should use, and any is better than none at all. Search this forum. I know I have read about putting grease on those gears. I'm sure you don't want to put any type of oil in there. It would get slung off in about 2 seconds, and wight cause the clutch to slip big time. If you get the clutch pads saturated with oil, you'ld probably never get it all out and have to replace the clutch. I can put bikes together from scratch and I have completely rebuilt many in my time, single speed and multi speed including internal gear hubs, re-spoking wheels, but I'm not to savy at all about technicalities. I haven't made any serious mistakes yet, though ! Nock on wood. Hope this helps, and good luck !
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    Porkchop, take nothing for granted. Invest in a high quality intermediate and finishing thread tap tool. No need to buy a entire kit. There might be cheap thread tap and dye kits, but not worth it if made in u know where.

    "Clean" the the threads carefully, use plenty thread cutting lube to. Looks nice if done right. Carefull though, the alloy is soft, too soft.

    Molly Grease, remember to take out that clutch cable guide and force some grease where you see a clutch spring. Put plenty.

    Chain Cleaning, dip it in kero, and go to a go-cart shop and buy what they use, spray-on grease that sticks. ( Shell Chain Lube )

    Zsane, frankly I don't mind their half finished engines, that is why they are so cheap.
    If ya want them to do all the work in finishing the product to Western Standards, ( mine is the Mercedes Benz look as benchmark to strive for) it may take an extra 2 days per engine, would you pay extra for a HT for the time it would take them to bring it up to schmik, or half done job and then DIY with ya own personal touch ?
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    I agree ! I already have a tap & die set.
    Thanks !
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    tap and die?? whats that...ive heard of upgraded bolts and nuts with some locktight...
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