Exhaust loose exhaust



I have searched for exhaust problems and really didnt find my answer. I have stripped one of my exhaust studs to were it wont screw into the motor it just pops out. I have a Dax 70 motor. The other stud is really tight. There is very little oil gas mixture coming out of the gasket on the bottom but you can see a little spray not much at all. The only difference I can tell is that it is a little louder. My question, Is it ok to ride it like that without it causeing any other damage to the motor like getting hotter? If so how could I fix this problem? I have been rideing around now with it like that for a week or so and havent notice any powerloss or anything I am still sort of breaking it in. Well let me know what you think thanks. I tried jb weld and threadlocker that didnt help.
I agree that the Helicoil is the way to go. Most machine shops can install a Helicoil for you or you can buy the drill bit, Helicoil, and installation tool and do it yourself.

Another option is to just drill and tap for the next larger size stud/bolt if there is room.

In any case you should repair it. It may not be a problem now but the extra stress on the remaining stud will soon strip it too.