Loose spoke mystery solved

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by professor, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. professor

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    Rear wheel was wobbling and some spokes were loose as a goose.
    I thought maybe they were stretching, so, for a test, after tightening and aligning, I blue locktited the nipples (Q tips work good as applicators).
    No more looseness.
    Hmmm. I remembered putting oil on the nipples to keep from breaking the old spokes when trying to adjust them. Spokes were rusty (old bike). Apparently, the oil did too good a job.
    Love that locktite.

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Thanks for the tip, Professor. I also oiled my old AND new spokes when I trued my wheels.

    I MIGHT use nail polish instead of locktite to secure the spokes.:idea:
  3. professor

    professor Active Member

    Heaven- on the blue locktite- it wicks in, so a wet Qtip or brush applied to the joint where the spoke goes in is all that is needed.
    After figuring out that the spokes were just loosening and locktiteing them initially, I was able to adjust the spokes (with resistance by the set locktite) with no problem, then another dab of locktite on each one finalized it.
  4. unior

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    There's a specialty "wicking" loctite. I think it's green.
  5. GearNut

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    Loc-Tite makes different grades of green. Some are wicking and others are for permanent retaining of bearings and sleeves. Be careful that you do not get the bearing and sleeve retainer formula. That stuff is wicked strong! You will snap off bolts and studs before it lets go.