LOS ANGELES RIDE! March 7th and 28th

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    The new So-Cal MB club is now having monthly rides and there are two in March on the 7th and the 28th. on the 7th we will be leaving from the federal building on wilshire blvd @ 10.30am and riding to Venice bch, on the 28th we will be meeting at 10am @ Loz Feliz 3 par golf course on loz feliz near riverside dr.(near the entrance to griffith park) I will post adress and more details soon. We had 21 bikes on our last one.

  2. These rides are open to all motorbicycle riders, not just club members! So if you're in the area... come out & ride!!
  3. The ride on the 28th has been changed to the 27th!!! (Same start time & place!!)
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    How many rides do you have to go to before you become a member? =)

  5. We don't allow 2-seaters or beards... :whistling: just kidding. :jester: