losing my license so i became interested

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  1. 1room42

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    about a year ago i witnessed an accident in my hine sight so i pulled over to find out that i was the reason. i went through court and trial by jury and found guilty of a brakecheck. are you kidding me! guy behind me loses control of his car to avoid hitting me because i hit my brakes to avoid hitting traffic in front of me. over $10,000.00 in fines,100hrs comunity service,i have to attend anger management, 4 years of probation, and i lose my license for 6 months. so now im interested in a new sport. i ordered a kit from ebay and cant wait for it to arrive!

  2. spunout

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    bummer of a deal. no DL was my original reason for MB's 5 yrs ago. lots of guys here for that same reason. now youre ONE OF US :)
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    Welcome One room!
    Where you from?
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    Hmmm, unless I'm missing something here, there seems to be another regulation that is distorted to suit some one's convenience. I was always informed that the following vehicle has the liability of maintaining control of his vehicle so as not to hit the person in front of him. Could get sticky in a multivehicle crash....but sounds suspicious......I think it is called tail gating.
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    where are u located...oh and he apparently wasnt hit but the driver behind him hit another vehicle??

    oh and im 22 and have a suspended license lol
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    Right, if I understand what happened, he braked to avoid something in front of him, and the following driver lost control and hit another vehicle. I see that as the following driver failing to maintain control of his vehicle. Legally, you are supposed to adjust your following distance to compensate for speed, traffic, road conditions etc. Unless I misinterpret what happened, he (or you if you are reading this) should not have been cited. Oh well, justice can be strage sometimes. :whistling:

    By the way, I am forgetting my manners....welcome to the forum, and enjoy
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    Oh yea! WELCOME. And im sure that guy had a good lawyer who fought his case.
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    and I have seen in the past a few license issues up close myself
    good luck
    I did a LOT of homework a couple of years ago now
    regarding riding a motorized bicycle without a drivers license

    some states allow riding a MB without a drivers license
    unless ones license was suspended

    others don't care

    some places it seems do not like MB's no matter what

    and it goes on and on

    as we ride those things
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    Welcome to this place! I am sorry to hear of your conditions leading you to this awesome forum. I am sure you will enjoy yourself here though.
  10. scarecrow47

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    Welcome. I also began riding because I lost my license. Be careful and check with your local dmv about licensing and registration. What ever they tell you, get it in writing. I learned the hard way. In louisiana the law basicly is that if it has wheels and a motor , you need a license to put it on the road.
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    Oh, remember to wear a helmut. It could save your life. It sure saved mine.
  12. 1room42

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    i am from pa and the guy that crashed his car spun and hit the median so there was only one car envolved. what an idiot! he was in a hurry to take his wife to the hospitol cause she was in pain so he was driving uncareful to begin with. leave it up to someone else to ruin your life! i learn that time and time again!
  13. Mountainman

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    10,000 dollars in fines ?? pretty heavy !!

    10,000 dollars in fines ?? that is pretty heavy !!

    to be honest with you -- have never heard of a court fine that large for a traffic accident ??

    are you like adding everything together
    fines -- lawyer -- anger class cost -- probation cost ??

    how much did your insurance cover ??

    pays to carry a large policy...

  14. 1room42

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    costs/fees 2918.45
    fines 300.00
    restitution 6881.00
    total 10099.45
    no lawyer fees,PD. i did talk to a lawyer and he wanted 10g's right off the bat. car insurance covered 70% of restitution 4816.70 and i sent a copy to the judge of the car insurance payment but it hasnt been taken into consideration as of yet. i made my second 100.00 dollar payment TODAY and my balance is now 9899.45 and my insurane went up about 20.00 a month. it sucks but this is the dead honest truth. if you want copys of everything i will gladley post them but this is a motoredbikes forum. please just help a brother out with any ???'s i may have. i think i got enough of the shaft and now im thinking about one more... the JACKSHAFT!!!!
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  15. scarecrow47

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    if you live where the law is MB friendly, its a great way to get around. I rode mine almost daily for about six months. Back and forth to work ( 24 miles round trip) and errands. Sometimes as much as 3oo miiles a week on 2 tanks of gas. Gotta love it. Just make sure your legal or it could be a nightmare. Don't want to get a driving under suspension charge. I got hit by a truck doing 45 to 50 mph. I was sitting at a red light and was hit from behind. They wanted to charge me with driving under suspension. Be careful and have fun with that thing.
  16. Mountainman

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    not a big deal -- but

  17. SimpleSimon

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    There is a hole in that which I am taking advantage of. I'm disabled and qualify for a "mobility assistance device", which my Doctor has agreed to prescribe my trike as when I finally get it finished. I carry a handicapped identification issued by the state, and have a handicapped plate on my car. On the trike I will carry a copy of the prescription, laminated and affixed to the trike.
  18. GearNut

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    A friend of mine lost the use of both his legs. He has created a pretty darn quick engine device that attaches to the front of his wheel chair, making it a trike. He has been pulled over many times and there is not a darned thing the popo can do to him. He has traveles hundreds of miles with it and is constantly improving it. He hopes someday to patent it and sell it.