losing power at high speeds

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by solitus3989, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. solitus3989

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    i know i've been posting alot.. thanks for all that keep helping me. im a real n00b and all my questions are being answered! but here's the thing.

    today when i went out riding, i can usually have the throttle around 3/4 and be cruisin at 28mph no problem. when i WOT i can get 30-32 easy.

    today, when i WOT, i could only get 27mph... im not sure what happened! i thought it was because i adjusted the idle screw a little lower, but that's not it either! i tried adjusting it to what it was before, what it is now, and everything inbetween. i simply cannot get past 26-27mph anymore...i will get to 26, and it will kind of slowly lull forward and backward like it's trying to get power, but it can't.

    so confused.. it's not the idle screw.
    Things i recently did:
    tried replacing spark plug wires/spark plugs. no difference
    i tightened the clutch before (wonder if this is the prob?)
    i tightened the chain using the idler. no difference.

    still stuck on that 26-27mph.

    thanks for any help!

    i want my 28mph, 3/4 throttle cruise again. :(

  2. Pablo

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    Simple deduction says something changed.

    You need to eliminate some things:

    Air temp, humidity, hills, speedo calibration, fuel age, fuel mix, intake blockage/leaks, exhaust blockage, hg leaks, lower case/jug leak, fuel blockage from tank to main jet, etc
  3. badmoon

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    try without carb air filter for 5 min and see if it have some difference. It can be the humidity thats happen to me too .

    Have you change the needle c-lockclip into another place ?
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  4. solitus3989

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    i took it for a 1 mile spin today, same thing happened.

    i took off the carb air filter, and there was fuel in the air filter. not a good sign, but maybe it's the float? im waiting for my dad to come home to help me.
  5. srdavo

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    there's always gonna be some fuel in your air filter.

    check your intake gasket & make sure your carb secure to your intake....no air leaks.
  6. solitus3989

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    i think i half fixed the problem. not sure ill see how it runs on this next tank of gas.

    i adjusted the throttle because the cable stretched a bit, and i tightened it back up to take the slack out when i first turned the throttle.

    we will see how that does. it lulled at 27-29 instead of 25-27 so we will see if it improves over time.