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    OK so I took my 80cc\66cc motor off of my Schwinn chopper and put it on a modified bmx bike. The chopper had a top speed of 26mph but my bmx bike only goes 21. Same motor I had to extend the intake about 4 inches and the gas tank isn't as steep as it was on the chopper. Could the intake for the carb be the problem? If so how can I fix it?

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    assuming the tire sizes for the two bikes are the same then yes it is the extended intake because the length has a resonance effect which makes longer favor low rpm power whereas you want more emphasis on top rpm power. Try a shorter intake or take some metal off the top of the exhaust port so the engine will rev higher. (2mm or so for starters)
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    Yes same tire size. I'll give the exhaust port a try.
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    youre being misled.... :detective:

    get a smaller sprocket on the bmx, because NO. the schwinn stingray (i assume?) while having a 20 inch rim, has a much higher profile TYRE. by about 4" or so. due to pi (3.14 or so) that increase the circumference by about 12".

    i just went and held them side by side just to make sure, and my schwinn tyre is flat, to boot. its a LOT bigger on the overall diameter.

    so the bmx tyre covers less ground per revolution... therefore has to spin faster to travel at the same speed.

    i found a 32-36t about ideal on 20", though i do run a 28t myself... and why can i get away with that with only a 48cc engine? hmmmms... im told the 66 is far superior :jester:

    are you finding it gets up hills better though? im sure it will be...