loss of speed



I've lost about 5mph after replacing the gasket on the intake and sealing it up really good with permatex. On top of that when I have my choke all the way open the engine bogs down to the point of stalling out. The engine does seem to run a little better(less stressed sounding) but I'm kinda dissapointed with the performance now. Any suggestions on improving this would be great.
try all 4 mixture settings on the needle until you're sure you have the right one, then see if there's still a problem: http://www.motoredbikes.com/showthread.php?4854

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Yes,check the clip and the gasket, yes the gasket. Sounds like you are having a very lean run.
Took that gasket and permatex back off. Put another homemade gasket without permatex back on and I've got speed and engine performance back. I tried moving the clip a couple months ago and it seems to run best thru-out throttle range on the middle notch. It was colder then so I might try changing it again. Its running good now and without any choke after it's warmed up. Just wondering how durable this homemade gasket will end up being. I think I'll check into some gasket material at Autozone or somewhere. I was running it close to full throttle then pulling the clutch lever in, at first the rpms zoomed up, but after it got warmed up the rmps would drop when I disengaged the clutch. I'm not sure, but I think that means there is no leak in the intake. Overall it runs pretty good. I think I just have some fine tuning to do to it as far as that clip position, idle, and mixture. When I have the choke in the middle the bike has great pick-up speed but then bogs when I get closer to full throttle. With the choke fully open it's crappy on the take off, but has best top end performance. I'm not sure if moving the clip will help since its already right in the middle.
That's the nature of these carbs....unless you want to taper the needle, or go to another carb, the best way is adjust with your choke. Kinda like a mixture adjustment in an aircraft.
Jet kits

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bikes running great now. used an intake gasket cut from the cardboard back of a notebook, switched the clip on the needle to the second from the bottom and its running real nice. no bogging or sputtering, no messing with the choke at all during ride. its a little slow on take off, but I'm getting real good performance thru-out the whole throttle range now. only gets up to 30mph on flat ground, but i can feel it wanting to squeek out a little more speed. maybe after it gets broke in a bit more it'll get a bit faster. I'm at about 200 miles on it right now. Its runnin real JUICY now if any ya'll know what I mean. lol. I can't complain. except for the leaky gas cap when its full! tried an o-ring but it didnt really help. hmmm...wonder how much faster i can get with a different sprocket?!