lost air/idle screw where to find another?

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  1. thine82

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    i lost my air screw on my carb and i need to know where i can buy another one? i am not even sure as where i can get one and does any one know the size of the jet drill bit i can use to make my bike run better so it can idle? it did not idle before i lost the screw..

  2. thine82

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    lost idle screw where do i buy a new one?

    can someone please help me or tell me another carb that is better so i can put that on please... my bike only idles high and the c clip in the carb is great cuz the plug runs tan.. but i need to know how to adjust it otherwise.. or a simply fix till i can get a screw from somewhere ...:(
  3. Hajuu

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    Sorry, I'm not sure what the exact diameter of the screw is. I hear that a lot of these chinese kits come with screws that have weird pitches to the thread..

    I'm sure somebody here will know, if you post your engine and carb model.

    As a last resort you can always buy a new carb from your distributor (about $50) and have spare parts (always good :D)
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    Its M4 x 20, round off the end and add a tension spring
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    And take some thin wire. fold in half, slip over screw and twist till the length is long enough to twist on something...never loose a screw again. That is how aircraft machine screws are safety wired.
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    How many times are you going to post the same question??????

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    thine82: FYI - Duplicate threads get in the way of people answering questions, as the duplicates often get deleted... It's also very ... maddening ... to spend time answering a question, then find that the question that you just spent time answering, was already answered by someone else in a different forum... &*&%#@!

    I've merged the threads together, and moved the combined thread to the MB parts/accessories forum.
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    PM me and I can mail one to you. I'm a slow shipper so it can take up to a week for me to get off my %^&U*I(& to do it but I've got several spares lying around.
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    thanks for helping with the thread and i am new here... and skyliner i found one laying around in my dads garage and snipped the end off of it to make it fit.. i think it was to a motorcycle or something bigger.. thanks to dad keeping junk parts laying around.. also had to fix my muffler again.. i need help with keeping it tacked on without having a welder..who knows how to make a silent motor and keep it quiet?
  10. Hajuu

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    Haha 'silent'. These things are.. kinda loud. No way around that, even the quietening solutions out there are mainly for 'muffling' the sound, rather than reducing the pure decibel output.

    If you want quiet, go electric.
  11. thine82

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    well hajuu i will have to get a decibel meter to prove it to you.. and all your comments are negative and people dont hear me until i am about ten feet near them so yeah mine is near silent enough till i do the next mod... then it will be.. silent.... maybe you dont need to know when it works cuz you are so smart and know it all already.. ya ole fart..
  12. happycheapskate

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    re: keep muffler on

    If you are using an expansion pipe with a screw in muffler, use blue loctite.

    If you are bolting a muffler directly on the motor (like the "poo poo pipe" or stock muffler, or a lawn mower muffler like on my build), use a Sick Bike Parts aluminum gasket, after filing to mate, and use blue loctite or maybe red "medium" stud locker. If you ever take it off, use new screws, or clean the threads really well before using again.

    I believe you can make a "silent" happytime engine. You would need a really good baffle muffler, or maybe fill a stock one with muffler gauze, and you would need a box and foam air filter setup.

    I think the most noise comes from the intake on mine.