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    I was just tightening the screw on top of the thing that holds the spring on the clutch cable. (whats that called?) My screwdriver, or more like my butterfingers, slipped out of the screw, loosed the stopper/clip thing, and the spring propelled it into the tall grass near my driveway. After about an hour of looking for it, I accepted that I simply cannot find it. I was working in the driveway, and it actually flew on to my yard where there bushes and woods. I contacted powerkingshop and asked if I could order another one. Would they sell this little part at a homedepot or something? I don't want to order a new one, but I'll probably have to. It's the little part that you'd feed the cable into to hold the spring. You'd move it closer to the spring to make the clutch arm swing farther if that helps you. I don't mind ordering a new one online (if they sell them), but I just want to make sure no one has any improvisations or if they've seen them in stores. Thanks.
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    Thanks man!
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    let's see here -- do I wish to wait for my on-line ordered part to come in

    or - go down to my local bicycle shop - fix MB - and ride today ???

    ride that thing ANT --------------------------------- MM
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    Most local bike shops would carry that sorta thing?!

    I was definitely not aware. Why would they carry them MM?
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    Ant - it's a cable type part - is that correct ?

    any bicycle shop should have something that will work fine

    also noticed on site here a while back

    some cable parts can be had at Napa Auto Parts and Lows Discount

    local hardware stores --- these things are fairly common....

    get up and ride that thing Mountainman