Lost clutch cover screws

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    Hi all, noob from Arkansas here. Just finished (more or less) my fist build. It's a grubee skyhawk 66 cc slant head, built on a Huffy Panama Jack cruiser. Thing was a pain every step of the way, but I finally got it put together. So far it's running like ****, surges and bogs ect... It came with one of those carbs with the red air filter cover, everyone seems to love so much (J/K) I'm gonna mess with idle and air/fuel mix, see if I can make it run better, but I think, from what i read, what i really want is an NT carb Q: where can I buy one of these?
    My most pressing problem right now however is that, not wanting to lose my clutch cover screws, I placed them somewhere i thought safe, turns out somewhere too safe to be found (by me). So.... can replacements be bought?
    so far I cant find any. Better yet if anyone knows the thread and length I could just get them at Lowe's

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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    Any hardware store will have replacements. I would go with the allen-head bolts, this would be an upgrade compaired to the stock ones.
    I understand your problem. You don't know the thread count? Or how long it should be... Not sure myself. You might end up having to bring the bike to the store and try different sizes.
    Maybe someone else knows the details on these bolts?

    I just had an idea, take one of the other cover bolts off, and see if it threads into the clutch housing. It should be the same thread-count. Now ya just have to figure out the length.
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    Thank you kindly for the advice. I found another post from motorbikemike to parah salin. mike suggested :6x1.0mm iso standard metric.(whatever that means) I was able to take this info and a screw I had that fit a bit loosely, and find some, that if not a perfect fit seem to work. Thanks again for you speedy reply SlugMan.