Lost ebike keys.. Help!!!

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by Bikenoob, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Bikenoob

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  2. Fabian

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    You may have to use the international master key: ............................... "a whopping great big hammer"!
  3. butre

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    looks like a simple switch, try bridging the connection between the two wires coming off the switch
  4. pbeggs

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    rather crude solution,... if you have ordered the replacement switch/lock,.. the one you have can be sacrificed take a screwdriver of about the same width as the key, drive it into the keyhole, turn the screwdriver to unlock, (this may require some force) remove battery , replace lock.
  5. darwin

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    Search you tube for the bump key method, works well on simple locks. Locksmith can make a key for you if you take ignition/bike to the shop. Cost to much if they come to you.
  6. KCvale

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    Chances are your new bike keys will work, no kidding, so wait until you have them and try.
    If not you have a key a locksmith can use to cut you some sort of duplicate master or you can do try it yourself.
  7. adamcarrick

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    Hope you found a solution for your e-bike problem already. But in case you haven't,Wheeling locksmiths can easily resolve your problem regarding ebike keys. I've seen them online for about 50 - 80 rmb. They are highly recommended locksmiths .They offer an auto locksmithing service whereby they can get you into your vehicle if you’ve locked the keys in the vehicle, repair car key fobs, program remote keys and transponder keys which is a specialized area of auto locksmithing, or simply provide a new key for your vehicle
  8. ricksmith

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    Whilst I'm looking at the bike now I can see 2 Alan keys bolts at the base of the ignition bracket. I haven't got any tools where I currently am, so I'm going to nip to my local Evanston Locksmith and get some new e bike keys.
  9. Mikmetsej

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    Easy.unscrew battery.get ignition out.screw back.you will be left with a hole in ignition where lock goes. But it easy to get," find around u " key. Use battery till it dies buy new or buy new now have two and enjoy long flights on your bike.
  10. CrazyDan

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    Way to revive the dead o_O. OP was a one time poster from over 2 years ago. It even became a black hole for locksmithing spam earlier this year and was allowed to quietly die...