lost part of my SAF clutch


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3:58 PM
Jul 24, 2019
So apparently, when I was riding my bike the other day, one of the shoulder bolts and springs vibrated loose off of my SAF clutch. Is there anywhere I can get those parts so I dont have to buy awhole new clutch? Im hella bummed cause I love my SAF clutch. Im sure they're must be somewhere I could find the parts as long as I know the right ones to get, particularly the spring.

oh yeah, and what size shoulder bolts should I go for? I cant remember what size I threaded the holes for, in accordance with the instructions.
Try DLH Performance. I think they make and market your clutch.

Try DLH Performance. I think they make and market your clutch.

Some times people should be aware of the stock they sell, I found this while I was checking over the site you posted, $6.99


They should stick to machined parts
Can’t argue that point.
Probably got em online for $2.99 and put a reasonable profit mark up on it. 🙄
See that a lot on many sites.

I guess it’s all about what someone is willing to pay for an item.

I’ve bought stuff on eBay only to see at the bottom of the page I paid on the same exact thing for 30%-40% less. 😡
Makes me think the site is flaunting my shortcomings in price shopping.