Lots of mods on this!

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Manic Hy-per, Dec 11, 2015.

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    Pictures are so small hard to tell anything.
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    Is that rear wheel the same diameter as the normal Stingray?

    The disk brakes in front look nice I guess, it's hard to tell what it looks like mostly since I think your camera might suck... It's very interesting and I've been looking towards starting an occ build, just which I can tell what I'm looking at.
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    Never mind, the link takes you. To the high res images and holy crocodile hunter murderer fish batman, that bike is sweet to a level I can't describe.
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    Cool Pictures

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    Hey Hype
    I cant seem to find your thread ?
    About Carbs and Atomizing within the Intake.
    Great Question :
    Just as i was going to respond, it took me to a redirect. strange ?
    Removed by author ?
    Intake and Carburetor's are one in the same.

    We Dyno test And Flow test our Intake's .
    Just For our own amusement .
    We highly recommend the spiral bore for those who Race And /Or Have Stroker Motor's .
    Simply because there is more room for the air volume which increases upon atomization.
    Also we have experienced hit or miss situations with the overseas Two stroke motor paired with the Dellorto "STYLE " AKA Fake Knockoff carburetors I can get those for 30 bucks .
    Which even at that price are a rip off .
    Some people get 75 + bucks for them.
    Oh well
    We test and adjust as needed , 4-strokes are very consistent as far as motor, buy a real carb and you know what your getting .
    Match the two and you have something with Factual Measurements ,As Custom Fabricators we have had special orders on variations of spiral bore depth's.
    Which was cool
    I knew i was dealing with someone.
    I dropped everything , hired an extra set of hands to free me up and focused on Dial indications and interesting Tapered Bore Patterns...
    He found his match ...
    We found a friend for life
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