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    I can honestly say that these little engines are pretty strong.
    if you look at my Deviate thread in the gallery , you can see the motor mount I made. It was 2" x 1/8" steel I got from Ace. I bent 2 pieces to fit inside one another, since it was so thin.

    my little 70 broke both pieces at the front bend :shock: and scared the sn*t outta me when it happened :lol:

    had to remove engine chain just so I could pedal home (which isn't easy with my style bike and HILLS) ...I thought I was gonna have a friggin heart attack :p

    I have already replaced it with one made of 4" x 1/4 " steel that I bent at a hot rod shop using his vice and BIG hammer :D , I then trimmed it to 3'' wide, using a hand grinder as a cut off wheel, so it would fit between pedals 8) , kind of a big dremel :lol:
    it's all painted, and mounted on bike and is a lot stiffer than orig :D
    the extra inch in width gives it a lot of side-to side strength as well :D

    seems that all is good :D :D :D

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    Holy Schmoly, glad you're alright, take it easy and watch those hills, I know they are killers over there.