Loud gear sound when revving?


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Jun 24, 2016
Oh and I think your model skips the main pull through and has its own hole above the idle jet in the carb body to the throat.

Don't work yourself up over the idle if you have that hole.

Does that crazy idle, does it start after your engine warms up or all the time?


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Feb 5, 2017
That runaway idle seems to happen after I've been running the bike at full throttle. Sometimes it's just high and doesn't come down unless I drag the rpms down, or it shoots up so high I think it's going to blow up and I have to kill it. When the bike isn't getting fuel, that can cause that, right? I only have the one stock jet that I've been working with.

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Oct 14, 2016
You do realize that your carb has a pilot(idle)jet and that drilling or altering the main jet has little to no effect on your idle setting!There is an adjustable screw to alter the idles a/f ratio a bit and if not right you need to look at changing or drilling that pilot jet to get where you need it.I would make sure there is no air leaks because it sounds like you may have one,then get it to idle and transition to 1/4 throttle and back to idle with out revving up then dial in the top end on the main jet!
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