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    Okay so I was out riding last night and then the tip of my muffler just fell off. I didnt hit anything or go over any huge bumps or anything. After it fell off, I stiill had a long ride back home. On my ride when I had the throttle on all the way, the engine would kind of lose power for a second or thats what it seemed like, it seemed like the engine hesitated or something, (its really hard to explain) As soon as the tip fell off my bike seemed to gain power and go faster. If I ride the bike with no tip on the exhaust am I ruining my engine, (does it need the back pressure from the exhaust or something). Any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance. ya and i attached a pic here if im not being too clear on what I mean. thx

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    Your engine needs that back pressure in order to operate properly....do NOT ride it like the pic or you'll ruin your engine man.
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    thankyou very much for your input i am on the hunt for a new muffler.
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    temp fix

    okay so I looked all over this forum and found a thread that looked like it was pretty neat. If you type in , "home made beer can exhaust", in the search, it has directions on how to make a temporary fix if you have a broken muffler. Well, it seems to be ALOT quiter and it hardly bogs out anymore. I just want to say that this forum is the best one that I have found and I look forward to many more posts. Thanks.
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    Yeah, I think that one was me for the beer can exhaust. It is very short term though because the can perishes very quickly. Without that backpressure The fuel will just slide across the piston back out the engine. The engine runs much faster so it will be very fast! But the engine will be very lean which is what does the irreversible damage to your engine. Check out this link and see the animation, kind of explains how the back pressure is neccesary: http://www.angelfire.com/md/mikesbikes/page8.html.

    The noise and the power makes it so difficult not to ride it though, but you must resist!
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    do you think im good to go until friday when my real muffler gets here? I really dont want to have irreversible damage to my engine
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    As long as you richen up the mixture, you should be OK.
    You've basically eliminated all of the backpressure...which ADDS TO THE FUEL/EXHAUST flow, so your motor will appear to run better. In fact, I'm willing to bet you'll post again when you get a muffler back on and say your motor has no power! :)

    If you look at most 1/4 mile race cars, they are running open headers for max power...dragsters, funny cars, etc. It's illegal on our street cars, but there's lots of after-market product that specialize in "free-flow intakes and exhausts" because it DOES maximize your motor...so in the end, it's all about keeping it rich and not burning out the motor, but bad? No, I wouldn't say bad. Just needs adjustment if you want to run it like that.

    (I've also run straight exhaust on rc motors with no problem. Contrary to popular belief you do not NEED muffler pressure to pressurize the fuel tank (airplanes/helis) because the vacuum on the down stroke will DRAW the fuel. You'd be surprised at how many people are amazed when I pull off the muffler pressure to prove it....but if and when I do, I ALWAYS richen up the needle.

    Do the same with the bike motor, and you "should" be ok.
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    lol right on guys for all of your knowledge and links to better home made exhausts. I was riding my bike in the rain today for about 2 hrs and my home made beer can muffler fell off the **** bike. I think I will just wait until friday when my new muffler gets in to ride it again. Happy 2 strokin to everyone hahahah
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