Loud metalic sound from left of engine

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    Hi all new to mb, just put my ht motor on. Got almost a full tank out of it, but i seem to hear this loud metalic sound coming from what seems to be the left side of the engine, I am not shure if its the engine or the chain. I did all the little things to the engine to make it less loud like the cardboard on the clutch side and oil. I also oiled the sprocket and the clutch push rod... or what ever you call it along with the pin and ball but still get this noise. What my question pertains to.. is this normal sound for a 2 stroke? I have embeded a vid so all can hear it. Any help would be great, and one more time thanks to all that help. One more thing sorry about the crappy vid all over the place.. its kinda hard to drive and hold a camera lol but the only way i can get this to make the sound is to drive it. it does not make the noise when i push in the clutch. i am sorry modds if this in the wrong area i did not want to post in drivetrain issues.
    just an edit you can hear the metalic pining at around 43 seconds or so just to clear that up

    <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/7INJNVUEfwo"> </param> <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/7INJNVUEfwo" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"> </embed> </object>
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    Clutching at straws EHH!
    There are many places to lube on a happy time clutch !
    The bean sized blob on the small gear on the right as you sit on the bike.
    The main spring which is under the carb under the clutch cable holder.
    Use a grease gun.
    the pin and ball on the left as you sit on the seat where the drive sprocket is.
    And rarely lubed with good reason== behind the clutch 50 or so tiny loose bearings. are you sure nothjing is scraping instead LOOK at the inside of the covers I accidentally installed soundproofing that was too wide and it made a noise until I glued a piece of carpet on the outside of the big cover.
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    thanks for the reply, I did lube most of those points that you stated all but the small 50 or so bearings. I dont think it is coming from the right side of the engine though, anyone else have any thoughts on what it might be?
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    I am afraid to lube those ball bearings in the clutch. Will grease work its way to the clutch disc and cause it to slip?
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    I have basically the same noise and here is what i found out: After pulling the left hand side and pokin around i found the trigger rotor moving up and down. Pulled it off and discovered the bearing on the crank moving up and down about 0.010 thou. What this means is that the bearing is going up and down in the cases, probably sloppy machining of the cases and the bearing has pounded up and down. I have thought of 2 solutions that are cheap: One is when i dissasemble the motor this winter I Plan on taking the cases and drilling and tapping the case through so that i can loctite a set screw and lock the bearing in positively. The second way one could do is use a bearing locker from loctite and go that route. Being a machinist I have access to the machinery and if I ever have to dissasemble them again i can just heat up the loctite and free the case from the crank. Hope this helps!!