Loud pipes save lives

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  1. biketec

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    what happen to loud pipes saves lives? I have seen biggest motors fastest speeds wheres loudest pipes? I once had a 53 split oval, 2183 dual 52s, 4 2 1 drag stinger LOL like 6 inch out, STUPID loud no packing

    wheres the pipes?

    ** Revised 6V Semi!**
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  2. Scotchmo

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    That is debatable. If loud pipes really do save lives, it's because they draw attention to you and maybe the usually inattentive driver won't pull in front of you. However, as soon as we all adopt that philosophy, it loses effectiveness. We would just have loud noises coming from all around. It's kind of like SUVs. They are only safer when everyone else is still driving smaller cars. And even that is debatable. Rather than count on other drivers to be aware of you, it's better to be aware of every other driver around you. I would rather be as quiet as possible in order to hear what is going on around me.
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    I agree, good reply, particularly........

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  4. RogerS

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    I've heard this excuse for loud exhaust for as long as I can remember. The majority of the noise is behind you anyway. I agree loud exhausts is for people to see you, but its usually for the attention you are somehow missing in your life. Loud exhausts on a motored bike is only going to set the whole movement back rather than provide any kind of safetey. I have a Robin/Subaru 4 stroke and get complements all the time on how quite it is.
    Do you think you'd ever here anybody say " Wow I love how loud it is" about a noisy motored bike?
  5. Happy Valley

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    Level headed posting there Roger.
  6. Bikewer

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    As Roger says.... Being in law enforcement myself, I find the typical chopper pilot with his straight pipes to be an abomination, and I'm personally trying to get the state laws here in Missouri more properly written to get them off the road.
    The idea is nonsense, it's just a rationalization to allow the juvenile "look at me!" thrill...

    The only people looking at you are thinking, "what an idiot!"
  7. azbill

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    quiet and stealthy works best :cool2:
  8. sjackson

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    I have to agree. Loud pipes do not save lives. The noise is not directional, i.e. a person who hears it isn't going to automatically register where it's coming from. Additionally, as has been stated, most of the noise is behind the bike. So most people won't hear it until it's already passed. I suppose it might help people who are behind you see you before they barrel down on you at a stoplight... but I don't think it's better than a decent tail light and some bright clothes.

    And I say this as a guy who rides a fairly noisy bike. '79 CB750L with 4-1 kirker megaphone on the back. It's packed, but it still screams in high RPMs.
  9. Mountainman

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    have no doubt up top the mountain
    that at the very least a few lives have been saved by loud pipes
    we live in biker land out here
    can hear some from blocks away
    kind of a cool THING and yes very safe

    but as said above -- I fly under the radar these days

    Honda 90 years ago straight pipe
    people looked up and asked where's the Harley ??

  10. RMWdave

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    whoever said that the debate over "loud pipes save lives" has gone on forever is right, in two ways. One it does save lives and inflate the ego, on the track.

    Having rode performance atv's in my teens i believed the same thing for my recreational use as well but when i got older i realized that my boost in performance helped noone but myself! see where im goin with this?

    loud pipes are loud because the rider needs the power use a tuned exhaust system brings. Or at least uses their machine to that state of tune most of the time and feels they need to ride that hard.

    My MB currently hums right along with its restrictive exhaust, and lacks a bit of power because of it but im not thinking about putting a tuned pipe on it because i hold a constant RPM most of the time and dont have any use for the typical powerband.

    Chopper riders i believe have the right to a loud exhaust, as yourself if a chopper really makes sence if it sounds like a techumseh. not really eh.

    on the track, a loud exhaust keeps the rider alert to his line, and also helps you stick to the rider ahead of you because you know when hes on the gas therefore YOU should be on the gas if your gonna catch em! this is how i raced competitive 125 dirtbikes 4 years ago. which diffuses the (noise is all behind you" comment somewhat.

    anyway, off to work where the noise comes from industry.
  11. robin bird

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    I agree loud pipes do save lives because my friend told me an accident was prevented by a trucker knew a guy was still behind him and was able to avoid the biker getting hit--I agree it is fun to draw attention sometimes but not always !! my bike is loud its part of the addiction and why not its cheap.
  12. Just_Gasit

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    I live south of Reno Nevada and cringe every year when "Street Vibrations" comes to town, nothing but noisey BS. I can't stand to even drive in a car anyplace near one of those bikes let alone have them pass by in the open. I also ride a BMW R90S and IF I MADE THAT MUCH USELESS NOISE, I WOULD GET A TICKET! I'll never understand why they get away with it???
  13. RMWdave

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    my biggest beef is with hondas and burnt up glasspack mufflers...
  14. loquin

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    So, the noise from the bike ahead tells you how hard HE's pushing it. The noise from your bike tells the guy behind you how fast you're pushing it...

    Sounds like the "noise is all behind you" is mostly right.
  15. Loud pipes also lets the cops know that you are there.
  16. RMWdave

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    either way, if i need a loud exhaust, ill run it. after all im the one that has to put up with it the most.

    loud pipes save lives.
  17. jlebh1

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    id rather a loud pipe over a quite one anyday, ive got one on my car my MB and my dirtbike, I dont ride my dirtbike on the road though only off road and racing. My car is not too loud but it will be a little louder soon because it needs a new exhaust tubing because the old one is rusted, so im just getting a bigger diamiter pipe
  18. HoughMade

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    The loud pipe crowd will screw us all by getting "stock exhaust only" laws passed.
  19. Mountainman

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    pretty much what it is here in Calif

    Calif has it -- pretty much

    suppose to run only stock on everything
    here in Lakeside -- known to be a biker town
    they seem to look the other way
    many very loud Harleys and kids scooters that scream
    but take it to Coranado a couple of cities over -- no way -- fast ticket

    as HoughMade says -- best to hold it down and enjoy -- or to be gone forever

  20. cheeseman

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    noisy bikes save lives?

    That's one mentality to put it in, that loud pipes do save lives. However, I personally think loud pipes are extremely annoying when driving behind a motorcycle in a car. I can definetly see some annoyed drivers running them off the road if their pipes are loud enough. A lot of times the people I see riding loud modded motorcycles aren't wearing any protective clothing and are either wearing no helmet or just one of thoes skull caps because its the required minimum. That isent gonna help you if you slam your face into the curb or a gard rail. In my opinion, wearing leather clothing, a dot full face helmet, good boots, gloves and maybe even a reflective jacket will save more lives then making your bike noisy.